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What services are included in wedding photography packages?

What services are included in wedding photography packages?
Wedding photography packages are a convenient way for photographers to price their services, and selecting a basic package is sometimes an easy decision for couples. Wedding photography packages, on the other hand, may frequently be tailored to your specific requirements. Here are a few examples of what might be included in photography packages.

The photography style

Will the photographer use a reportage technique to capture spontaneous events during the photoshoot, or will he or she primarily take formal posed shots? Will there be a variety of media, such as black and white or sepia photographs, as well as colour photographs? When choosing a wedding photography package, you should be aware of the type of images that are included. Several packages even include specific shots that are included, such as a specified amount of group photos, a snap of the ring exchange, a shot of the cake cutting, and so on.

Attendance at the wedding

Your wedding package should include a number of hours for your photographer to stay at your wedding site. It should state whether the time will be spent in preparation for the ceremony, at the ceremony, or at the reception. The number of persons attending the wedding should also be specified in the package; some packages include two photographers.

Lighting and other equipment

If you are planning an outside reception or an evening event, your photographer may require extra lighting or shades, which should be included in the parameters of your photography package.

Your wedding package should include information on the types of cameras that will be used on the big day. Even if you don't know much about photography, ask a buddy who does if these are current models, or do some study online. Check to see whether they will be bringing backup equipment in case one of the cameras fails during the event.

Editing specifics

The photography package should include information on how the photos will be processed, including whether they will be digitally altered or enhanced to offer more vibrant colours or a better image. Your package should also indicate how many photographs will be modified and how long this process will take.

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The total cost and extras

Understanding what isn't included can often tell you more than knowing what is, so when choosing your wedding photography package, request a list of potential extra fees, like as driving to the location. Determine how much your photographer will charge for additional prints or albums, as well as for a second photographer if this is not included in your package.

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Products Included

Would you want a magazine-style product, and would you like to give out parent or guest books as gifts? Do you like your printed images to be presented in a mounted album or a coffee table book? Take note of the specifics; what kind of covers and borders will your records have? There is currently a broad range of wedding photography items available, so make sure the bundle you choose includes everything you desire.

Your photographer may provide a variety of styles, such as canvas prints or photos that have been enhanced to look like paintings. Some packages contain a set quantity of professional prints that can be mounted and framed if desired.The majority of photographic packages now include all of your photographs in digital format, allowing you to order additional prints whenever and wherever you want. Finally, many packages include a USB/Disc including a presentation of the greatest photos from your wedding, matched to an appropriate soundtrack.


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