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Central Coast Wedding Photographer

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Central Coast Wedding Photographer

Are you looking for the best wedding photography in Central Coast? Seeking the best central coast wedding photographer to capture your most important date?

If you have answered “yes” to the above questions, then Ozphotovideo Studio has the perfect wedding photography packages for you. Central Coast wedding photography and  videography are what we live for, We know the Central Coast inside out and We understand that your wedding is one of the biggest days of your life which is why you need the best wedding photographers from Ozphotovideo Studio.

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Professional Central Coast Wedding photographers

Both professional and experienced, our team of wedding photographers use creative techniques to capture those beautiful moments. The best wedding photographers in Central Coast use most up to date full-frame cameras work which enables them to actively embrace those instances of love, happiness and beauty in any condition.

Constantly striving for excellence, their imagery style combines elements of fine art and romantic highlights to seize every magical moment, all natural-looking, no awkward pose. Our best wedding photographers have the ability to interpret these emotions through gorgeous images by offering a truly personalised service.

If you browse through our portfolio, you will notice that our style is wide landscapes and  portrait shoot. We enjoy using warm bursts of sun flare to create dreamy, light-filled photos. The Central Coast provides numerous opportunity to capture amazing shots. With its breathtaking coastline, lovely hinterland, and bucolic areas.


We believe that photographing the subtle and basic details of a wedding helps to accurately reflect a couple's special day. It may be that beautiful moment at a wedding when you first see each other. As you exchange wedding vows, look into each other's eyes. Because it all comes down to how you react to each other and how your family and guests react to these situations. All the feels: laughter, sadness, and everything in between. I am prepared to capture every unique moment of a couple's wedding day. In addition, I will undoubtedly spend time documenting all of the décor and lovely touches found throughout the day. Preparing the rings, the dress, and the shoes. Images show the venue, the ceremony setup, the cake, florals, and reception details


Our premium service

Our best wedding photographers ensure to work closely with every client in order to meet and exceed their expectations. By offering a service tailored to your specific needs, you have the choice of the style of wedding photography you would like.

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Top Wedding Venues in Central Coast

The most gorgeous wedding venues not only excite couples planning their weddings, but they also make everyone feel romantic!
We have prepared the only list of Central Coast wedding venues you will need to consider when arranging your big day :

1. Yarramalong Valley Farmstay - This site, located in the hinterlands of the picturesque Central Coast, is an ideal location for a quiet country wedding.

2. Wamberal Ocean View Functions - Wamberal Surf Life Saving Club will create a wedding day packed with surprises and unique moments for you, complete with coastal scenery.

3. Linton Gardens - Set across five acres of heritage gardens, Linton Gardens, one of the most exclusive wedding venues and caterers on the Central Coast, is ideal for both photos and foodies.

4. Somersby Gardens - This spacious property surrounded by native bushland provides a fantastic range of options for your dream wedding day.

5. The Springs - Located in the bushlands of Peats Ridge, it has an industrial area repurposed to cater for weddings of any size, and it has been furnished and finished with affection to make your big day unique.


A Simple Guide to Choosing a Wedding Photographer in Central Coast

Finding the ideal Central Coast wedding photographer is likely to be one of the most difficult decisions you will face during your wedding planning process. There are literally thousands of photographers from which to choose. Where do you even begin? It is also one of the most important decisions you will have to make because, after the event is over, photography will be one of the only tangible things you will have to show for your wedding. Wedding photography is also a family heirloom that your children and their children will see. This is a guide on how to select the best Central Coast wedding photographer for you.

“The cake is eaten, the flowers die, but the photos last forever,” as the saying goes.

First and foremost, let me state unequivocally that this entire article is not a big ‘pick us and, pick us as your wedding photographers in Central Coast pitch. There is no big sales pitch at the end, and We don't want to photograph way too many weddings in Central Coast.  We're writing this article because there is very little information available to engaged couples on how to select the best wedding photographer for them. The internet is littered with large wedding directories that dominate Google search results Go Search for "Top Wedding Photographers in Central Coast" it come with alot of top 20, top 35 wedding photographers that are paid. Couples will only see people who are willing to pay top dollar for their services.  As good small businesses have to pay more and more money to have their work seen by their followers, social media has become less and less useful. Yes, Facebook is included, and don't even get us started on Instagram.  And We can imagine how difficult it must be to sift through hundreds of photographer websites and wedding photos to find the ideal Central Coast wedding photographer for you.

Central Coast wedding photographers

Let's start with wedding photographers in Central Coast. Wedding photography in Central Coast is a largely unregulated industry, which means that anyone with a camera can call themselves a photographer. Create a wedding-related Facebook business page, and you've got yourself a website. Charge a few hundred dollars and you'll be considered a professional.

Every year in NSW, between 36K - 41K weddings take place, with Central Coast topping the list with the most marriages taking place. And every year on those "current affairs" shows, you hear about dissatisfied brides who either hated their photos or were duped by a shady photographer

Look through their wedding portfolio (Online + Album)

Before you look at prices or anything else, you should look at their wedding portfolio. A wedding photographer's portfolio will contain the photographer's favorite photos from a variety of weddings. On their website, they will usually have a 'portfolio' page. Alternatively, many photographers use Instagram to showcase their portfolio and recent work. Wedding photographers frequently publish an end-of-year post, such as a ‘best of 2018 weddings‘ list. They are excellent posts for viewing a photographer's most recent portfolio. When reviewing a portfolio, keep the following points in mind:

#Do the images make you say, "Wow!"? You want the visuals to have an impact on you visually.
#The images appear to be of professional quality to you. Does your shots appear overexposed, underexposed, with distorted horizons, or overly photoshopped? Could you capture a better photo with your phones or your cameras?
#Do the photographs spark any emotions in you? Weddings are high-emotion occasions. People open up, laugh, and cry. Is this being recorded?
#Can you see the couple's individuality in images and moments?
#Is their portfolio diverse? Different places, different weddings, different people, images taken indoors and outdoors, photos taken at night and during the day.

If you like a wedding photographer's portfolio, check through some of their most recent weddings. Don't rely solely on their portfolio or Instagram profile. It is simple to present one good wedding photo. These are frequently found on their websites in the categories of blog, journal, or recent nuptials. Typically, they will show anywhere from 20 to 50+ photographs from a recent wedding that they captured.

This will give you an idea of how they photograph a wedding day from beginning to end. When examining the photographs, remember to follow the instructions given earlier. But, more importantly, can you see yourself in these photos? If you can, make a shortlist of them.

If you like a photographer but don't see any recent weddings online, you may have to contact them to see if they can email you a gallery from a recent wedding or go visit them to examine some albums.

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Styles of wedding photography

The style of a photographer is arguably the most essential consideration when selecting a Central Coast wedding photographer for your wedding. Every photographer approaches the day differently in order to achieve the outcomes they desire and to be known for. There are many kinds of wedding photography, and how the photographer shoots will have a significant impact on your overall experience of the day.

If you like the aesthetic of candid images, you should look for a photographer that captures a lot of natural, candid situations. You don't want to choose the wrong photographer and spend the entire day stiffly posing.There are mainly two things to consider: how a photographer shoots the day and how a photographer edits the wedding photos.


Wedding photography shooting techniques

Following are the most common shooting styles we usually see among Central Coast wedding photographers.

Candid Style — This shooting style is often referred to as documentary style, photojournalistic style, reportage style, or the natural style. And it simply means that the photographer will document the day as it unfolds, as if he or she were a fly on the wall. Taking candid photos as they happen, without prompts or interference. Because they are striving to catch that decisive moment, candid photographers take a lot more images. The beauty of digital photography is that photographs that don't work can be readily discarded. The problematic element here is that there is very little posing involved, thus you are more likely to receive images that are unappealing.

Commercial Style - Commercial, fashion, or editorial style wedding photography has a distinct look that is centered on beautiful lighting. The kind of imagery you'd see on a billboard or in a glitzy wedding magazine. These photographers create stunning photographs by employing a variety of flashes, strobes, and lights, as well as the assistance of assistants. The style takes a little longer to produce because it is much more poised and requires lighting to be set up. However, if you want images of you laughing and having fun at your wedding, this style is ideal.

Traditional Style – This is the traditional style of wedding photography that dates back to the days when wedding photography was done on film. This is a highly posed style in which the photographer will literally pose each photo before taking it (except for the actual ceremony). It dates back to the days of film, when a photographer could only fit 36 images on a roll of film. As a result, they had to make every shot count. They will still take spontaneous shots, but they are much more likely to plan ahead of time and create moments. A traditional wedding photographer, for example, will gather a group of bridesmaids, strike the proper pose, and say, "on the count of three, pretend to laugh..." They continue to produce beautiful work and achieve consistent results. A traditional wedding photographer, for example, will gather a group of bridesmaids, strike the proper position, and instruct them to "on the count of three, pretend to laugh..." Their final product is still gorgeous, and they get consistent outcomes.

Mixed Style - On a wedding day, a Central Coast wedding photographer would posess many qualities. They could be a traditional photographer, a candid photographer, a fashion photographer, a landscape photographer, and most likely many other types of photographers. Photographers will frequently employ a combination of all of these shooting methods during the day,  And, depending on the Wedding Photographer photographer, one style may be used significantly more than the other.

Other Styles -  There are many other styles out there you can find it in our article 'WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY STYLES EXPLAINED, HOW TO CHOOSE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER'.

So, how do you know who is trustworthy and who isn't? Here is our guide to selecting the best Central Coast wedding photographer for you!


Experience with wedding photography.

How much wedding photography experience does your photographer have?

To thrive in any subject, you must study and practice, practice, practice, which can only be obtained by experience and learning from your mistakes. Some people believe that putting in 5K hours in any profession guarantees mastery. This may or may not be true, but wedding photography experience is essential.

Wedding photography is one of the most unpredictable, unforgiving, and time–consuming genres of photography that anyone can enter. Every phase of the day presents significant photography challenges, both in terms of technical photography and the human element of photography.

Positive feedback and reviews

Check to see if you can uncover any positive feedback from genuine couples about their photography services. Reviews will reveal that they are a legitimate and well-established company. Hopefully, there will be evaluations from couples that will tell you a little bit about their experience with them. When you search for reviews, it will also display you any "red flags" that you should be aware of.

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Do you travel to the Central Coast?

Yes. Absolutely! I've always wanted to photograph weddings in the Central Coast. The mild, pleasant air and gorgeous scenery provide an ideal backdrop for capturing honest, emotional moments between lovers.  

Do you have any suggestions on where we should shoot our wedding photos?

Without a doubt! Many Central Coast wedding venues already offer beautiful grounds for portrait shots, but We have a few secret spots up my sleeve that I'm always pleased to share with brides and grooms.  

How much do you charge for wedding photography?

Our Package Price are generally affordable, depending on the number of hours of coverage desired, typically couples spend between $1,500 and $2,900 on their photography package and $1,500 - $2,900 on their videography package. Our regular wedding photography packages are available for viewing in our gallery.
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