Getting the Best Wedding Photographs

After months and months of careful planning – you don’t want to short-change yourself – follow our top tips on how to make your wedding album a page-turner!

If ‘normal but nice’ is not really your cup of tea and you would prefer an album that will be too exciting to fall victim to collecting dust – then try an assortment of photography styles in your album.

Mix of pics
Most couples these days are breaking away from the tradition of packing their albums full of posey portraits and group shots, but those photos that were so popular when Nan and Pop were getting married definitely still have their place in an album. Today’s couples are opting for a more exciting mix of group and candid pics that will tell your story in an interesting way – here enters photojournalism.

Hard-core photojournalists insist on capturing all aspects of your wedding without interfering and setting up any shots. While you may be left with a true representation of the day, you do miss out on portraits and family group shots that your Aunty May would be devastated not to have to show her bridge club.

Most common these days though are top wedding photographers who offer both a photojournalistic approach mixed with the more traditional wedding photography, so you can still have the traditional portraits as well as the natural candid images.


TOP TIP: Make it easier for your photographer to get a good mix of shots and nominate a person to be the photographer’s assistant. Choose that ‘special’ family member who resembles an Army Drill Sergeant – someone who has inside knowledge of what shot will be special and will be bossy enough to gather people for group photos.

Say Cheese
It is hard to keep smiling for an entire day and there is nothing worse than a strained smile that looks more like a sneer by night-fall – besides the fact it doesn’t look very good it also start to hurt. Candid photos are much more flattering so if a camera lens is pointed your way you don’t have to take out the person next to you to turn around with your biggest teethy smile. Just relax – if your photographer wants you to pose he will tell you.

TOP TIP: To avoid a tense smile try to move and relax your facial muscles between photos – you’ll definitely look and feel better by the time you throw the posy and drive off into the distance with your new hubby.

Looking good
With today’s digital imaging and special effects you can do almost anything to an image…but you can’t perform miracles.

When the time comes to put your makeup on don’t fall into the trap of ‘more is better’. Use a similar shade to what you would normally wear – remember the purpose of makeup is to enhance your looks not cover them up. I’m sure you would hate your prince charming to think he was in the wrong church when you walk down the aisle.

If you call in the professionals and have your makeup done by a makeup artist, they will probably be used to judging the right application for the camera.

TOP TIP: If you want to make certain that you’ll be absolutely stunning in your wedding pics take several shots at different angles when you have your trial makeup session so you can be the judge.