Wedding day photography that tells the story

When someone talks about Wedding day photography that tells the story of the wedding, it may sound like a fairy tale. There are thousands of people getting married each month and very few people know about wedding day photography that tells the story. This is a concept that has caught the imagination of people who are getting married. This is a concept where the couple who are getting married engage a photographer who not only captures images but also captures […]

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Wendy & Josh | Vietnamese Chinese Wedding Photography Sydney

Wendy and Josh embarked on a journey of love and cultural fusion in April 2023, as they celebrated their union with a captivating Vietnamese, Chinese, and Aussie mixed-style wedding. This extraordinary day was a testament to the harmonious blending of traditions and the beauty of diversity. The festivities commenced with a heartfelt Vietnamese-Chinese tea ceremony, a symbol of respect and gratitude towards their parents and elders. Dressed in stunning áo dài and qipao attire, Wendy and Josh shared tea with […]


Affordable Wedding Cinematographer You Can Trust

Your wedding day is a momentous occasion filled with love, joy, and cherished memories. Capturing these beautiful moments in their true essence requires expertise and skill, making hiring a professional Sydney wedding cinematographer a convenient and appreciated service. At Ozphotovideo Studio, we take great pride in providing you with stunning images of your special day, allowing you to relive the magic for years to come, without the stress of managing photography yourself. The Ozphotovideo Studio Difference: When you choose Ozphotovideo […]