Top 6 Wedding Dance Mistakes to Steer Clear Of

Putting off Practice: One of the most prevalent blunders couples make is procrastinating dance practice until the eleventh hour. Learning the art of dance takes time, and rushing through it can lead to unnecessary stress and a less-than-perfect performance. Begin your dance lessons early in the wedding planning process, allowing ample time for regular practice and the refinement of your routine. Tip: Schedule dance lessons early on with professional instructors who can tailor the steps to your abilities, making the […]

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Hidden Costs your Wedding Videographer won’t tell you about.

Ozphotovideo Studio has been in the wedding business for over ten years. We’ve heard several complaints throughout the years concerning hidden fees that other studios slap their couples with. Getting married may be an expensive endeavour. There are wedding dress prices, suits, wedding reception venues, ceremony location rentals, automobile rentals, wedding videography, food, and drinks, among other things. Wedding videography is an industry that may hit you with a lot of hidden expenses and costs if you aren’t aware of […]