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Hidden Costs your Wedding Videographer won’t tell you about.

Ozphotovideo Studio has been in the wedding business for over ten years. We’ve heard several complaints throughout the years concerning hidden fees that other studios slap their couples with. Getting married may be an expensive endeavour. There are wedding dress prices, suits, wedding reception venues, ceremony location rentals, automobile rentals, wedding videography, food, and drinks, among other things. Wedding videography is an industry that may hit you with a lot of hidden expenses and costs if you aren’t aware of them. We’ll strive to supply you with all the additional information you need to make smarter decisions, but more importantly, we’ll help you lock down your videography contract so you don’t get taken for an expensive ride.



What are our top tips and questions to ask your potential wedding videographer?


Is your wedding videography outsourced?


To maximise their earnings, several studios outsource their wedding videography editing to people who are inexperienced or cheap. A handful of huge studios are simply “body shops” with a black book of low-cost wedding videographers who are engaged for your task and brought in as needed.

To avoid this issue ask your wedding Videographer

Before booking the studio, request a face-to-face meeting. We cannot emphasise this enough. Make sure you get along with your videographer. Enquire about their wedding video portfolio.
Some studios will charge you a fee if you want to hire a certain videographer. Make sure you understand any costs that may be imposed.
Examine their Google reviews.


Will all of my wedding videos be edited in a similar way that I see on your website?


Many studios are very tight-lipped about this. It takes time to edit your wedding video. A significant amount of time. For our wedding couples, Ozphotovideo Studio normally provides 1 highlight (3min-8min) and 1 long story (1hr-3hr). That’s a lot of editing, and it may take anything from 3-6 weeks.


Will I receive High-Resolution Files? Will my video have a logo?


Many studios will not warn you that the files they provide are not in full resolution. They will inform you that you will receive “High Definition” or “High Resolution Files.” This essentially means that you will receive files that are incapable of producing high-resolution prints. A high-definition or High-Resolution file is defined by Google as “HD refers to 1280 x 720, or 1366 x 768 pixels.” FullHD resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels and 4K is about 4 times the resolution of that!

(our 4K video work 2023)

Hidden fees and charges that you were never informed of.

Many studios have hidden fees that you are unaware of, and they will not tell you until you are fully booked and paid up, at which point it is too late to back out. Some of the hidden costs we’ve heard about in the industry include:

Fees for Consultation

Fees for travel (per person)

Fees for ticket/parking (per person)

Fees for Early Morning Starts (typically earlier than 7am)

Fees for Additional Video Amendment

Fees for Logo Removal

Fee for highlight files

Fee for high-resolution files

The necessity to purchase additional DISC/USB and other studio items.

While many of these fees are unavoidable operating costs, it is critical that your wedding videographer be upfront about their fees and charges and that you are aware of any additional fees that may apply. Our cost structure is clearly spelt out in our contract at Ozphotovideo Studio, and we reveal all possible fees. Wherever possible, we will recommend charging the cost and will advise you on how to avoid the fees.


Are your wedding films edited?


Many studios outsource their wedding film edits to other countries (e.g. Philippines, Bangladesh, India…) in order to maximise revenues. You may notice that your wedding film may not appear exactly like the videos in your portfolio. That could be because your video was not colour-graded correctly. Your studio may charge you extra costs for services such as colour grading your movies to make them look more professional.

Some studios do relatively simple modifications that look nothing like their website. You may be charged an additional cost for their “cinematic” edit, which you were not informed about during your consultation.
If you want to re-edit your wedding film, several studios charge exorbitant prices.


Fees for consultations.


Some studios charge a fee for follow-up consultations after you have joined up with them. Make certain that studios do not charge you additional fees for consultations that you are legally entitled to.


Other charges and considerations.

While fees are unavoidable, there are some things you should be aware of and should enquire about with your photography studios.

Obtain a complete listing of their fees. Understand the fees that may be imposed on you. You should avoid any studios that do not have a fee schedule. We have a very transparent cost structure for any additional expenses at Ozphotovideo Studio.
If you are not provided a pricing schedule, be wary of exorbitant charges once you have booked and committed. Some studios see their clients as ATMs and will try to get the most out of them. Their point of view is that once you’ve booked with them, you’re stuck paying their fees regardless of cost. As a result, it is critical that a wedding videographer provide a fee schedule.

If there is a charge schedule, make certain that you are just paying the fees indicated in the fee schedule at the price listed. Some studios raise their prices ridiculously every year and say, “Sorry, the fees listed last time have increased; you must pay the new fees.”
Enquire clearly with the studio if you will receive the products as shown on their website and social media without any additional expenses and that ALL photos and videos will be provided. Obtain everything in writing, not just a little portion of it. We cannot emphasise this enough. You don’t have a case if it’s not in writing.

For good reason, Ozphotovideo Studio is one of the most popular wedding videographers in Sydney. In terms of charges and fees, we are clear and transparent. You will never be caught off guard.

Finding the proper wedding videographer is difficult and time-consuming at best. But if you properly follow this advice and brief, you should have a wonderful wedding experience and avoid all the heartaches and unexpected extras!

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