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Our multi award-winning Sydney wedding photographers will capture your moments with high standard.

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The Best Sydney Wedding Photography & Videography

At Ozphotovideo Studio, capturing life's precious moments is our calling. Our team of award-winning Sydney wedding photographers and videographers are dedicated to preserving your love story through stunning visuals. We believe that every wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and we work tirelessly to ensure every detail is captured with beauty and art.

Our photo video experts combine technical skill with artistic vision to create images and videos that are not just beautiful, but timeless and meaningful. We use state-of-the-art equipment and the latest editing techniques for top-quality results. Our years of experience have earned us a reputation as some of Sydney's most trusted and talented wedding photographers and videographers.

We understand that your wedding photography and videography should reflect your unique love story. That's why we offer customisable packages to suit any budget and work with you to bring your vision to life. Our discreet, unobtrusive approach allows you to fully enjoy your day while we capture every real and raw moment.

For affordable and exceptional Sydney wedding photography and videography, look no further than Ozphotovideo Studio. Let us preserve the memories of your special day so you can relive them for years to come. Book your appointment today and discover why we are the preferred choice for so many brides and grooms in Sydney and beyond.


Wedding Cinematography

Sydney Wedding Package Special

Capture your love story with Ozphotovideo Studio, offering professional wedding photography and videography services in Sydney. Our customizable packages start at $1680 for photography with a photobook album and $1799 for videography. Combining both services will result in a special combined package price. Our experienced team is dedicated to capturing your unique style and vision through their lenses. With affordable packages and customizable options, we ensure that everyone can have access to stunning, high-quality wedding photography and videography. Contact us today to book your appointment and let us preserve your special day for a lifetime.
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One of the best Sydney wedding photography studios, fantastic photographers capturing beyond amazing shots on our Wedding Day! Would also highly recommend their same day editing video - was absolutely amazing! Staffs are all professional and friendly.


Wedding Client

We highly recommend Ozphotovideo. The team were such a pleasure to deal with from start to finish. So friendly and professional, our weddings photos are absolutely stunning. Every time we view our photos we get all giddy and feel like we are reliving our special day. Thank you so much guys!

Wilfon Anthony


Highly recommend Gerry and his team, They were very professional and helpful - up front with all the costs involved, value for money! Just received my album and photos which are perfect.

Echieve Mirele


Highly recommend Gerry and his team, They were very professional and helpful - up front with all the costs involved, value for money! Just received my album and photos which are perfect.

Mike Scalet

Gavin from Ozphotovideo Studio is amazing to deal with. I highly recommend him. Over all lovely person & photos are beyond fantastic. Couldn’t have chosen a better person to take our video on our special day.



Massively huge thank you to ozphotovideo team!! They made our day so much more special. The whole team was very relaxed and a lot of fun to work with, they're not intrusive at all and basically just became one of our guests, no awkward poses. I would definitely recommend their team to my family and friends in the future. Best Sydney Wedding Photographers!

Senthilkumar M


Gerry is a professional photographer, he will have one session to listen to what we want and suggest us where to go is the best, and the best time for shooting. On the shooting date he will teach us how to do the pose and always make jokes to make us laugh. Having a great time with him even in a cloudy day. Highly recommend!!!

Erick Lebel


Thanks, Gerry for capturing our special day.  We were looking for affordable wedding photography Sydney area, and I've found them on facebook,  great communication leading up to the day. Gerry and the crew were friendly, very helpful, professional and made the whole process smooth and hassle-free. Most of all, the photo album look amazing! Thank you!

Aida Mishina


Gerry and his team were very patient with us at our wedding and did their best to capture it from every angle. Thanks for staying put while every guest tried to take turns in playing "photographer". We enjoyed the photos and videos very much! Cheers.

Lynn Xu


We were looking for wedding photography packages sydney, and could not be happier with our choice of wedding photographer & cinematographer. Ozphotographer studio is a professional company with exceptional service and quality products. Thanks to the beautiful images, they're the best wedding photographer Sydney, Thank you again!

Beth Farrar


We were on a budget for the wedding and but We weren't looking for cheap wedding photography, we booked in the $2799 full day package and so far I have to say, excellent service & beautiful photography! From our initial meeting, Gerry has made us feel very relaxed, comfortable & the service he has provided so far has been exceptional.

Terry Lim


It's a pleasant experience to work with the ozphotovideo team.  Showcase your special day with a professional wedding videographer through Ozphotovideo Studio in Sydney.

Emma Jefferson

Phoenix Photography supplies

Thank you for capturing the best moments of our life. We absolutely love your personality and professionalism. You are the best and you went beyond our expectations. I am so thankful for your kind words and the precious advice you gave me while getting ready. James and I had the best experience. THANK YOU for everything! Top wedding photographers sydney!

Neil Reid

Wedding Photography Client

I work with a LOT of wedding videographers sydney, Gerry and his team was able to easily work with clients and get the perfect pictures for their day.

Marcelo lightheart

Wedding Photography Client

Awesome company to be work with, great photos! You guys have done such a great job. Looking for cheap wedding photographer sydney ? This is it!

Bao Linh Nguyen

Wedding Photography Client

They got nice wedding photo and video packages , nice work well-done, mate!

Sudise Yare

Wedding Videography Client

Best wedding photography in sydney!

Akrm A. Badwy

Wedding Photography Client

Been referred by my friends,  they're the winner of Sydney wedding videographer award, and  I am so grateful that we had your team as my wedding videographer. There is no word to describe your great work. Truly amazing work.

Raghav Mallya

wedding video client

Gerry and his team are very professional and captured all the best moments of our wedding. Their sydney wedding photography and videography package are affordable yet high quality, Thank you so much!

Anthony Dawson

Wedding client

They're simply the best Sydney wedding videographers,  I cannot recommend these guys enough. Absolutely amazing to deal with these guys , very easy to get along with! Thank you so much 🙂

Jimmy Jiang

Wedding video client

Thanks so much! You are an amazing talent! You have ensured the beautiful memories created yesterday have been captured forever, Thank you, Best cheap wedding photographer in Sydney!

Jay Neuyuen

Wedding Photography Client

Best christening photographers in sydney, they captured really amazing moments and including candid shots of our guests. They followed the religious part of the ceremony really well, Would recommend for someone who needs Christening Photography and video.

Nathan Dimitriou

Sydney Christening Photography Client

If you adore Sydney because of the mixture of cultures present in every object around you and want to have a multi-cultural element in your videos, make sure to read this Ozphotovideo Studio review, describing a team of people capable of recording such footage. You will learn about skilled photographers and videographers who can document special moments of your wedding, birthday, and any other event for future generations. The company offers several photography and videography packages that can be customized based on clients’ needs. ... Read More



More On Ozphotovideo's Sydney Wedding Photography & Video


Sydney Wedding Photography & Video by Ozphotovideo Studo is a renowned wedding photography and videography company situated in Sydney, Australia. Throughout the years, our team of photographers and videographers has been able to retain a strong reputation while providing high-quality services.

By choosing our Sydney Wedding Photography & Videography, you can be confident that you have made the perfect selection, with no worries or second thoughts. With their devotion and friendliness, our team of specialists will exceed your highest expectations, delivering you with wedding photographs and videos that's going to wow you and your family/friends.

We are headquartered in Sydney.

If you are planning a wedding in Sydney, you should look for a professional photographer and videographer who is also situated in Sydney. It can provide you with a plethora of outstanding benefits.

By using our service, you will not only be able to save money and time, but you will also be able to select prefered locations for your photos and videos because we have a crew that is well-versed in the Sydney area.

We provide our customers a great level of flexibility and strive to meet your demands.

Our crews are versatile.

We can tailor the wedding photography and videography services we provide to your specific needs. Whatever the topic of your wedding or event, we are prepared to cover it.

We have covered a wide range of events, including Western weddings, Indian weddings, Muslim weddings, and many more.

Furthermore, in order to meet your preferences and ensure that our services are adaptable for you, we may provide you with customised Packages based on your budget, needs, and event.

We will also allocate the appropriate personnel to assist you and ensure that your event is covered to the highest degree with both quality and flexibility.

We use cutting-edge filming technology.

Ozphotovideo Studio has invested in cutting-edge technology, including the most recent cameras, lenses, and equipment. We employ high-end camera equipment such as Sony G master lenses, Sony Alpha cameras, and the latest Canon models such as the EOS R5 and R6 as well as Canon L series glass.

Furthermore, we invested in a number of lenses that will allow us to take portrait, landscape, and a variety of other types of images and movies. In addition, we can take high-quality videos that will provide you with a cinematic experience at all times.

Drones are another fantastic aspect of the investments that we have made at Sydney Wedding Photography & Cinematography.

We have vast experiences in weddings.

Ozphotovideo Studio has a combined professional experience of decades. Experience is essential for providing professional photography and videography services. Furthermore, our team employs their knowledge to provide you with flawless results at all times.

We have worked on numerous weddings and events in the past and have gained valuable professional expertise in this industry.

Furthermore, with a crew of highly skilled professionals, Sydney Wedding Photography & Video provides services that guarantee client happiness. It is critical to understand what goes on behind the scenes and what steps to take to guarantee your wedding day is a fantasy.

Enthusiastic about our services.

You will appreciate receiving wedding photography and videography services from a staff that is enthusiastic about the services they provide. That is where you may contact Sydney Wedding Photography & Cinema. Our crew consists of not only experts, but also artists that appreciate and love generating images and videos from an artistic perspective.

Our passion and attention will ensure that your photographs are special and one-of-a-kind to you. We give close attention to details for you so you can enjoy your event with laughter and joy. This will assist you in avoiding worries when acquiring our services. Our desire is what propels us to success.

Services are offered throughout AU.

Despite the fact that our organisation is situated in Sydney, we do not limit our services to the Sydney area. Instead, we serve customers from all throughout NSW and ACT. You simply need to inform us of your requirements, and we will ensure that they are met.

These are some of the top reasons to fall in love with the services offered by our Sydney Wedding Photography & Video services. You can learn more about what we have to offer by visiting our package offer page.

Exploring Sydney's Best Photography Locations for Your Wedding


The process of planning a wedding is thrilling but can also be overwhelming, especially when it comes to choosing the perfect Sydney Wedding photography locations. Your wedding album will forever capture the essence of your special day, so selecting the right places is crucial. Here's a detailed guide to some of Sydney's most picturesque spots for your wedding photography:

Exploring Sydney's Best Photography Locations for Your Wedding

1. The University of Sydney

For a touch of tradition and grandeur, consider the University of Sydney. This location offers a myriad of elegant backdrops, including the iconic Quadrangle, The Great Hall, and charming vined doorways. Keep in mind that booking a time slot is essential due to the venue's popularity.

Contact: university.venues@sydney.edu.au | Phone: 02 9351 2000 (Option 4)

2. The Rocks

The Rocks provides a European ambiance with its aged concrete backdrops and tree-lined paths. Ample parking and minimal foot traffic allow for relaxed photoshoots. This Top Sydney Wedding Photo location also offers a great spot under the Harbour Bridge for car shots.

3. Observatory Hill

For breathtaking sunsets, Observatory Hill is a perfect choice. Combine it with The Rocks to blend architecture and nature, culminating in a sunset atop the hill. There's a spot at the end of the road for multiple car shots overlooking the water and the Harbour Bridge.

4. Sydney Opera House

Consider the Sydney Opera House, especially on cloudy days when tourist numbers are lower. Capture unique shots using the textured walls of the Opera House and enjoy the iconic building from various angles. Please note that parking is limited, so having your photographer travel with you is advisable.

5. Paddington Reservoir

Opt for the relaxed ambiance of Paddington Reservoir, offering a contemporary backdrop with minimal traffic. Make use of metal chairs and modern concrete elements for artistic shots. Be mindful of the lighting conditions, as it's best used on brighter days.

6. Art Gallery of NSW

If you're fond of columns, the Art Gallery of NSW is an excellent choice. While it can be busy, capturing images through the columns overlooking the park is worth the wait. Parking is more convenient here compared to the nearby State Library.

7. Martin Place

Located at the heart of the city, Martin Place offers versatile options for your photography session. It boasts elegant columns, modern architecture, and various shaded areas, making it suitable for any weather condition. Parking is limited, so having your photographer travel with you is recommended.

8. Bradley’s Head

For a mesmerizing sunset backdrop with the city skyline in view, Bradley’s Head is unmatched. Due to its popularity, booking well in advance is necessary. Parking can be challenging, so plan for your photographer to accompany you.

Exploring these diverse locations will ensure your wedding photos capture the essence of Sydney's beauty and add a touch of magic to your special day.

9. La Perouse

La Perouse offers a unique blend of natural beauty and historical charm. With its stunning coastal views, sandy beaches, and rugged cliffs, this location provides a picturesque backdrop for your wedding photos. The historic sites, including Bare Island Fort and the lighthouse, add a touch of heritage to your photographs. Explore the rock formations and enjoy the panoramic ocean vistas, creating timeless memories against the scenic coastal landscape.

10. Nurragingy Reserve

Nestled amidst lush greenery and serene lakes, Nurragingy Reserve provides a tranquil setting for your Sydney wedding photography. This expansive park offers a diverse range of backdrops, from blooming gardens and ornamental bridges to tranquil water features and towering trees. Capture candid moments amidst nature, utilizing the park's natural beauty to enhance your photographs. With its peaceful ambiance and varied landscapes, Nurragingy Reserve offers a refreshing escape for your wedding photoshoot, creating enchanting memories surrounded by the splendor of nature.



Our head office is based in Milperra Sydney, with contact points in the inner west and greater western Sydney, but can travel to all parts of the Sydney metropolitan area as well as the regional area of NSW.  Should you be interested in our services, you can either write to us or call us or arrange for a face to face free consultation. This will give us a chance to discuss your wedding day, to ask questions and to get to know each other.

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