wedding photography packages in sydney

wedding photography packages in Sydney

There is little that’s more variable in the wedding industry than the cost of a wedding photographer. Not only is the range of available packages huge, but also the quality and value offered by each photographer are specific to their own style and experience. The cost of wedding photography varies widely and for many customers, it’s difficult to know which packages offer value for money.

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-There are more than 600 wedding photographers in NSW and at least 65% publish package and/or pricing information on their website.

-Those packages are 6, 8 & 12 hours of continuous photographic coverage.

-All including a complete set of high-resolution images – usually provided to the client on USB.

-Most common inclusions to be offered in wedding photography packages are; a 2nd photographer, a wedding album, an engagement shoot and additional hours of coverage. With no formal standardization of photography packages across the wedding industry, the range of combinations into which these extras are packaged varies widely.

-Most wedding photographers cost between $1,250 – $3,000 for a 6-hour package, the average cost for a wedding photography package that includes 8 hours coverage in Sydney is $2,788.27.

-The price range for basic 12-hour packages without a wedding album start at $1,175 and go up to $8,460. With a difference of more than $7,000, this is widest price range of all basic packages on the market.

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