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Our Editing Style

Multiple Editing Style Avaialble

Our Photo Eiditing Styles

Editing wedding images to achieve the desired aesthetic is a skill in and of itself,   our photographers will also document the event with their editing style in mind, and we personally enjoy all of the different editing approaches. It would be dull if all of the photos looked the same.

These are the main editing styles we offer,  are most popular amongst sydney wedding photographers.  By default we will use our detult classic editing style below , however if you want  something different please let us know before the wedding date.

Our Default Edit

Clean edits with true natural colour — Classic, clean, and modern, and this is our detault style here in Ozphotovideo Studio, however if you like other styles we're also happy to follow your need, please check other styles belows.

original raw photo our edited photo

Forest Tone/Boho Green

Subtle cool greens, a lighter, brighter appearance with slightly desaturated colours.

Current Trends

The current trend in wedding photos is to make everything incredibly orange and desaturate the greens. It's a trendy look that you'll see on wedding blogs and among photographers.

Classic Old Film Colours

A lighter and slightly desaturated colours with colour curves resemble classic film.

Fujifilm Colours

This Styl of Edit mimic what the classic fujifilm roll look

original wedding photo filmic wedding photo

Black and White

We only select few photos to be black and white most of the photos remain the same colour edit like above

original wedding photo B+W wedding photo


What colour styles do you offer?

We mainly offer the styles shown above, but not limited to other groups and sub-group of styles.

I like some photographers' editing colour can you mimic their colour style?

Yes, we will try out best to mimic the artist colour, in most cases we can achieve 98% likes.

Does choosing a different style take longer to edit and complete?

Usually No, if you choose the colour before the wedding date, you'll receive the digitally edited HD photos in the usual 2 weeks time frame.