Wedding guest outfit ideas for man & women over 50s in Australia

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Are you a stylish and glamorous man & woman in your 50s who’s been invited to a winter wedding in Australia? It can be challenging to know how to dress appropriately and look your best at this type of event, but don’t worry! With these tips and ideas for winter wedding guest outfits, you’ll be able to showcase your personal style while looking chic and elegant. Why Dressing Appropriately Matters Before we dive into outfit ideas, let’s discuss why dressing […]

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Best Ways to Customize Your Budget for Indian Weddings

Customizing your wedding budget is not easy. Weddings are the biggest party; you have never hosted a much expensive party ever. To budget, you need to balance your savings, maintain a detailed spreadsheet so that you go into the planning process, prepare for unexpected expenses, as well as make meaningful cuts if you exceed your total budget. It is very difficult, we know, but keeping time and energy now will ensure that you live happily ever after. Here’s how to […]


Make Your Wedding Photography Outstanding by Using these Indispensable Ideas

Click the best Sydney wedding photos using these ideas   What is your opinion, “what is the most memorable event of our life?” what would be your answer? Well, anyone can say that the wedding day is one of the most memorable days of human life. Marriage does not happen often in our life. For most people, it happens only once. That’s why people want to keep all the memories of this red-letter day. There is a saying “the little […]


6 Trends in Wedding Photography, Photographers and Couples Shouldn’t Miss in 2021

If you are looking at commitment this year, then there are plenty of trends that are catching on fast. And for all you wedding photographer’s out there here’s what is happening to help you keep you up-to-speed and look to offer these services in 2021!   Informal weddings are now gaining popularity. With the use of the internet, brides and grooms searching for inspiration are getting drawn towards new ideas and trends.   Tradition weddings and wedding photography and videography […]


Reportage Wedding Photographer in Sydney

We’ve been quite often asked by our client in sydney about if we do Reportage Wedding Photography or Journalistic Wedding Photography The word ‘Reportage Wedding Photographer’ is one of the most misused in the whole of the wedding photography industry. We’d like to take a little time to explain what it actually means and how the true meaning of the word suits my approach. While most of our work takes place in Sydney, Central Coast and Wollongong, We specialise in […]


How to duplicate your wedding photo and video USB?

I’ve been asked by many of our clients on providing extra USB for wedding photo and video, and I’ve observed that many Sydney wedding photographers/videographers provide 2 or multiple copies of USB as a selling feature in the package and charge hundreds more, here’s a simple 2 steps to make your own copies of USBs. Step 1: Format your new USB with USB exFAT format, this is usually needed if the USB you intend to copy contain a wedding video […]


Sydney building architecture photography

Building photography in Sydney, Project done by Ozphotovideo Studio Australian Hearing Hub Bankstown Sports Club Central Park Cochlear Building ICC Exhibition Halls ICC sydney Theatre ICC sydney Theatre 2 William Inglis Hotel Warwick Farm International convention centre sydney King Street Wharf Roytal North Shore hospital Star MUEF Star MUEF2 St George Hospital V Crown Parramatta Woollooware Shores Age Care


[overseas] A Gothic Themed Masquerade Wedding Party – the Glimpses You Just Can’t-Miss

“Are you planning to get hitched and looking for a unique theme for the wedding? Plan a gothic wedding. Read the blog to get inspired.”   When it comes to a gothic theme that might just involve devil, vampire or ghosts, what colors do come in your mind first? Black for the mystery and red for blood, power, and passion, don’t you think? Well, when this Houston based family planned this wedding they surely did a lot of research. Pulling […]

5D Mark II

Canon 5D Mark II vs Nikon D700 vs Sony Alpha 900 – How This Wedding Photographer Decided

  The digital SLR market has been flooded with many, many entry level cameras in recent years, but there are currently only a few cameras on the market that cater to the “prosumer” crowd. As a wedding photographer, I fall into this prosumer category and have been in the market for a new camera for months. To make my final decision, I had to weigh the merits of the Canon 5D Mark II, Nikon D700, and the Sony Alpha 900 […]