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Best Ways to Customize Your Budget for Indian Weddings

Customizing your wedding budget is not easy. Weddings are the biggest party; you have never hosted a much expensive party ever.

To budget, you need to balance your savings, maintain a detailed spreadsheet so that you go into the planning process, prepare for unexpected expenses, as well as make meaningful cuts if you exceed your total budget.

It is very difficult, we know, but keeping time and energy now will ensure that you live happily ever after.

Here's how to save a wedding budget that you can stick to.

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Go for Buffet


If you have a more relaxed wedding day, then why not choose a buffet style meal? Casual meals are now very popular and the options are very sophisticated, with low cost.

One way to reduce your catering costs is to serve buffet-style food, with guests helping themselves out for food instead of a sit-down style by the wait staff. Depending on your wedding size and your food choices, choosing a buffet over a seated meal can save you money.


Choose an Off-peak Wedding Date


Did you know that choosing an off-season wedding date can save some amount of money on your wedding?


This is a common fact of supply and demand. The more popular months for weddings are the faster the booking and the higher the demand - so most venues charge a premium for the most desirable dates. Off season month in Sydney is from Jan-Feb,   June - July.


Find Affordable Decor


Want affordable wedding decor? Hunt for decorative items at your nearby places or thrift stores in your area to build your collection. It is great for centerpiece vases, fibers, or other accents to brighten up your look.


Consider Not Having a Brunch on Your Wedding


When it comes to your wedding budget, the reception usually takes a portion of your total expenses. Most of the reception costs come from your food and drinks, so thinking outside the box when it comes to recipes is a great way to save money.


One of my favorite ideas? Plan to remove Brunch in your Wedding! This idea is not only a good way to save some money.


Choose a Venue That Requires Minimal Styling


The venue is one of the biggest wedding related decisions affecting your event and your budget. The location of your wedding is not the only theme for all your upcoming photos.


Your platform also plays a huge role in tone, cost and logistics for your big day. If you want to plan a wedding without debt, make sure you choose the right venue for your big day.


It is a good idea to spend a little more on a neat platform that does not require much extra styling. This allows you to save money on furniture, flowers, lighting and other styling details.


Use Same Venue for Ceremony and Reception 


Another is simpler, but it will save you on transportation and decoration costs. You can move flowers from the ceremony room to decorate the reception area during your cocktail hour, saving you on floristry costs and you can avoid two stage rental fees.


Guests do not have to travel from one place to another, which means you do not have to handle mass transit and fewer of them get lost.


Make Your Own Entertainment


A wedding DJ or band is great for bringing everyone into the dance floor, but if you feel like a music maestro yourself and anyone in your family, you can do it yourself. If you have a large library of music, you can make a wedding party playlist - remember, it will be worth music!


Hire a Wedding Planner


It may seem confusing to hear that you can actually save money by spending more money.

Investing in a wedding planner can benefit you from their many years of experience and expertise in the industry. Remember that wedding plans work with budgets for a living - this is what they do best!


Book Your Wedding Photographer for Fewer hours


At the end of the day, your photos will serve as a lasting memory for your wedding and you will want them to be great. Finding a photographer who is comfortable with you and the style you like is crucial to turning your pictures beautiful.


A professional photographer is definitely worth the investment, but considers the photographer who is familiar to work for fewer hours.


Consider a Day of the Week other than Weekends


If you are looking for a way to cut costs for your wedding, choosing a day other than Saturday is a great way to cut prices for everything from the stage to the flower. Saturdays are wedding booking days, and as Fridays and Sundays begin to gain popularity, you can often contract to pick a different day of the week.


Cut the guest list


Reducing the size of your guest list is one of the biggest ways to reduce costs. Having a small wedding can save you on every item in your wedding.


Know that having a small guest list can save you some of your money on your big day! Each person you add to your guest list will greatly increase your total cost. So I want you to think long and hard about whom you include on your list.


Simple Shopping


Your wedding dress may be the most expensive article of clothing you have ever bought, but it costs a fortune. Browse the list of designers at local bridal salons to find out who owns the styles. When the email arrives, schedule an ASAP appointment so you can consider the largest option. Don't forget to check masks, accessories and even shoes!



Skip the Custom-Printed Invitations


Most other couples do not care less about wedding invitations. Therefore, they may not even know that you made your invitations yourself. Instead of ordering custom ones, prefer online invitations.


Final Thought:


It's not about how much money you're spending; it's about how happy you are: Yes, weddings are expensive, but there are definitely some creative ways to meet those budget difficulties.


As you can see, there are many ways to save money on your wedding. All of these come down to working strategically and allocating your funds according to priority.


You will be amazed at how much money you can save by working from time to time, and choosing your vendors carefully. By using the above tips, you can combine a beautiful celebration without sacrificing the details you have been dreaming of lately.



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