6 Trends in Wedding Photography, Photographers and Couples Shouldn’t Miss in 2021

If you are looking at commitment this year, then there are plenty of trends that are catching on fast. And for all you wedding photographer’s out there here’s what is happening to help you keep you up-to-speed and look to offer these services in 2021!


Informal weddings are now gaining popularity. With the use of the internet, brides and grooms searching for inspiration are getting drawn towards new ideas and trends.


Tradition weddings and wedding photography and videography are becoming a thing of the past in many places.


We were already seeing fewer people at weddings before COVID, they were already becoming more intimate affairs. More and more, we see only the closest friends and family invited. These changes significantly impact the photography style that a wedding photographer can offer to the couple on their wedding day.


Wedding photography and videography in 2021 is leaning towards real-time emotions for the best results. Informal settings and a relaxed environment coupled with the wedding photographer and videographer not being a focal point all-day is a progressive trend.


Many wedding photographers have long not been fans of preconceived shots, always lining up large amounts of people and disrupting the day’s flow. When you think about it some of these people may not have seen each other for years so, let them carry on and get the best natural results you can on the day.



Here are 6 Significant New Wedding Photography and Videography trends in 2021.


  1. The Proposal Shoot 


Proposal shoots have been getting more attention recently, and it’s a trend we see continuing. However, if it’s in a sports stadium or huge event, then maybe COVID-19 may have something to say about that.

Depends, of course, what country we are talking about.


People now are looking for a secret wedding photographer to capture the moment. I say wedding photographer as people are looking for continuity. The wedding photographer is getting to build a relationship with the bride and groom in advance through the proposal shoot (if she says ‘yes’ of course) and will benefit from it on the big day.


Proposal shoots are not as easy as people think. There is not a second chance with this kind of photography. You have very little time to take numerous shots that capture the emotion of the moment.


So, here are a few tips for capturing the surprise moment:


It is good to visit the location of the shoot as close to the event as possible and find a good vantage point. Take the groom with you and be sure you are both in agreement of the exact place and advise him accordingly of the ‘golden hours’ when you get the ideal light for the shoot.


Based upon where you are offer advice of where to kneel and suggest the premium angle.


Of course, be as anonymous as possible on the day, plain low-key clothing and no noisy shoes, and you should get the desired result.


  1. Pre-Wedding Photography and Videography


Another trend strongly emerging has been pre-wedding videography.


This can be done months before the wedding itself. What you are looking to achieve is the path the couple are taking towards togetherness. It has the same effect as documenting the months leading up to childbirth.


Due to social media, people are really getting into documenting the lead up to significant events in their life. I see no slowing down of this trend anytime soon, it’s a growth area.


As mentioned above in ‘The Proposal Shoot,’ any pre-connection between the wedding photographer to conduct photography and videography builds a relationship and trust. The relationship between the couple and the photographer is essential to get the best results from photography and videography throughout the process.


Getting comfortable with each other and getting to know what styles and preferences works best for both sides helps when it matters. It leads to less nervousness in front of the camera and video on the day.


Besides, pre-wedding photography and videography is excellent to use as an ice-breaker on the wedding day. The wedding photographer can showcase a short five-minute clip and slideshow to the friends and family showing their love journey to this point.


  1. Day After Wedding Photography


This style of photography can also be called post-wedding photography or a post-wedding photo session. Usually, this style of photography and videography is conducted after the post-honeymoon period.


Giving the happy couple one last chance to get together with their wedding photographer for one last shoot.


A common theme the wedding photographer looks for is the couple to get back into their wedding attire and get another shoot it where there is no-one around. For the wedding photographer, this gives them an ideal chance to try a different style and focus totally on them.


Post-wedding photography can be looked upon that the photography and videography were not up to par on the day. On the contrary, the photography on the day would be the church, the venue, taking everything in on the venue itself and the surrounding area, and friends and family. This represents the chance for them to get the final pictures that sit atop their wish list. It’s nothing more than another option for the newlyweds.


  1. The Wedding Flowers


What’s a wedding without flowers?


Flowers will always play a crucial part in a wedding. Flowers are not just something that is dear to the bride and groom and their immediate family but also a massive tool for the wedding photographer.


Photography and videography thrive of the vibrant colours and textures they add to the final production.


A wedding photographer is there to capture all the hours of hard work that has gone into making them.


Flowers play a more prominent role than people think making the day unforgettable and close-up shots are always a favourite. One of the few traditional trends I definitely do not see disappearing in 2021.


  1. Drone Photography


Drone photography popularity has become a freight train that won’t slow down anytime soon. It gives the bride and groom ideas they never thought possible and provides the wedding photographer with all kinds of new scope and range for breath-taking videography on the day.


The ability to capture angles and one-off moments that weren’t possible only a few years ago is infectious. Traditional photography is not able to capture images that drones are now capable of. It’s a fascinating dynamic for both sides.


I have no doubt this trend will be one of the most popular in 2021. A drone can capture panoramic views and perspectives that are breath-taking for picturesque venues and their surroundings.


We call it Image complete panoramic surround photography and videography.  It was impossible to until recently. A drone can capture special moments during the day that groundwork simply cannot do.


And last but not least:


  1. Live Online Wedding Day Streaming


Virtual Ceremonies and Receptions.


Even amid COVID-19 love will find a way. So, there is always a final alternative if you simply have to tie the knot and can’t wait.


Virtual weddings have become an extremely viable option in 2021 if you live amid the virus and find yourself in a situation where you are fully committed and unable to postpone your plans.


It’s creative and can be fun. A virtual wedding offers a new format to play around with and throw some ideas at the wall. Even though there is considerable disappointment not having your friends and family with you, there’s some upside.


Here are some tips for enjoying your wedding day virtually:


  • Musicians are available online to perform music live at your wedding.
  • You can also invite friends to join in virtually with your first dance.
  • If guests have been stuck inside for some time or still under some measure of lockdown, why not try and make it fun and get them to dress up for the occasion. When people realise this is the only option, you’ll start to get people onside with some quirky but fun ideas.
  • Why not create a cocktail for the day and send the recipe to your friends in advance so they can have a toast to you on the day?
  • If the best man and the bride of honour cannot be there, get them to prepare speeches before and share them live.
  • Don’t forget the cake – you can still have a custom-made cake delivered, so you always get to cut your cake. Keeping some traditions at least is some consolation.


The above would have been unthinkable at the start of 2020; however, this is the world we now live in. So, if you are in a country that can enjoy the first 5 tips above, GREAT. If not this an option for 2021 if you have no alternative.


Remember a wedding photographer can always do post-wedding photography so you will still have that photo album to cherish at some stage.





A wedding photographer is being asked more and more to make the wedding day photography and videography natural. In 2021 the trend is to capture spontaneous emotional reactions. The bride and groom also want to see the guest’s special moments throughout the day too. It’s not all about capturing them and the immediate family anymore. The bride and groom don’t want to be pushed around during the special day and repeatedly lined up. For a wedding photographer, if you capture a plethora of natural moments on the day, you’ve done your job.

Good luck!


Article Contributor: michaelgane


Michael Gane is a professional Bath wedding photographer, with over 25 years of experience. He has worked with leading brands such as Disney, HELLO Magazine, Sky Sports, and Sky.



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