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An expert Wollongong wedding photographers are one of the most important things to have on your wedding day! You will never be subjected to high-pressure post-wedding sales practices, ensuring that you get all you desire for your budget, there is some of the best wedding photography Wollongong and the South Coast has to offer, so if you're planning to wed in the Southern Highlands or Coast in a beautiful country or coastal location, surrounded by wonderful people, and having a lot of fun and laughs on your wedding day, We might be the wedding photographer for you.

For almost 15 years, Ozphotovideo Studios has been documenting weddings and working with bridal parties to deliver genuinely stunning professional photography and videography. We know the best areas to photograph on the South Coast using the natural beauty of the Illawarra as a backdrop. We have scouted the most gorgeous spots in the area to capture the right scenes for your wedding photography and videography. We collaborate with you to plan and create opportunities for us to capture each unique moment. A superb photographer does more than just shoot pictures. Ozphotovideo Studio collaborates with you to produce heirloom-quality memories of the most significant day of your lives.

Wollongong wedding photographers


When looking for a Wedding Photographer on the South Coast these days, you have a lot of options. When you start talking about your wedding plans with your friends, it appears that every other person is a photographer.

So, how do you tell the difference between a true photographer and someone who just likes to take pictures?

How do you know they are fully qualified to photograph the most important day of your life?

How do you know you'll be comfortable?

Wollongong wedding photographers


Search Google for a broad term such as "Wollongong Wedding Photographers."
Examine their work carefully and pay attention to the smallest details.
Take your time and examine each photograph. Imagine yourself in those photographs. Would you be satisfied with the outcome?
Is the photography bright and sharp (in focus)?
Are the photos one-of-a-kind and creative?
Do they have any other customers you could speak with for references?

Wollongong wedding photographers



Natural light is another name for available light. Ozphotovideo Studios makes extensive use of natural light as well as our award-winning studio lighting. We generally do both styles, and our customers are very happy with the results. Natural light gives the image a soft, warm feel, and it is a popular style that we offer. The main difference is that natural light appears softer and has warmer color tones.

Here are a few examples of our photography that makes use of available light.

Wollongong wedding photographers


Low light and night photography are two of the most difficult challenges for a modern photographer. In low light and at night, cameras do not perform as well as the human eye. It is up to a Professional Photographer to be able to manipulate the camera settings in Manual mode to achieve the best possible crisp sharp exposure in low light. We are experts in the field of low-light photography.

Wollongong wedding photographers

Wollongong wedding photographers



Candid photos are the ones that everyone enjoys the most; they capture special or amusing moments when people are unaware that they are being photographed. These are the memories that will last long after your special day has passed. Cole Studios offers wedding photography packages that include one or two photographers. One of the primary responsibilities of a second photographer on your wedding day is to capture candid moments.

Wollongong wedding photographers

Wedding Location Photo Tip from Wollongong wedding photographers

-Is there enough room for your bridal party to mingle and for you to get some stunning wide shots of the entire group?

-Can you get access to the property where you want to take wedding photos? Is it private property, or do you have to book access through the owner or the council?

-Keep in mind the time of day. Is it going to be a busy Friday or Saturday afternoon when getting from some of Illarwarra's southern suburbs to Wollongong's central business district will take longer? This is often overlooked and can be critical, but an experienced wedding photographer Wollongong should be able to assist you with this.
Go to the location you planned to use at the time you planned to use it before the day to see how busy it will be and what the light will be like. If it's too crowded, consider a low-key location so you don't have to compete with other couples for the same spots on the same day.

-Is there a place for location shots on the grounds of your wedding venue? Try keep it local and you will create a stress free day with less travel.

-Most importantly, consult with the South Coast wedding photographers you're considering to find the best times and locations for your wedding photos.

-Meet with a few South Coast wedding photographers to ensure they are a good fit for you and your fiancé. You must get along with them and be on the same page, or else your wedding day may be a struggle dealing with someone who treats you poorly. Just make sure the location is appropriate for the type and style of photos you want to take; after all, you'll have these for many years to come.

Wollongong wedding photographers


How much does a wedding photographer in Wollongong charge?

In 2020, the average price for a two-hour wedding photoshoot in Wollongong is approximately $1,043. A one-hour wedding shoot will cost $652 on average, and a four-hour shoot will cost $1,825. Wedding photographer prices in Wollongong are 13% lower than the AU national average. However with our competitive pricing you can enjoy even better price with no compromise in quality.

wollongong photographer cost chart
This Means Choosing our serivce not only save you thousands but also received extras like huge premium  photobook albums.   So If you're interested in our serivce please BOOK US NOW  or call us now to arrange consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many photos are you going to take?

We take a lot of pictures to make sure we capture all of the special and important moments from your wedding. The candid and natural shots that catch our eye are mixed in with this. We typically deliver 100-180 photos PER HOUR of photography, so a six-hour booking would result in 600-1000 high-resolution photos for you to enjoy.

How long will it take for my wedding photos to be ready?

We strive to deliver your wedding photos in USB as soon as possible, which is usually between 2 and 3 weeks.

How do I book a wedding photographer?

Simply fill out the Contact Form , and we'll be in touch as soon as possible to arrange the deposit and confirm the details. Alternatively, you can reach us at 0406 544 158.

How much do you charge?

The cost of half to full day wedding photography from Ozphotovideo Studio is around $1480 - $2999, and all wedding packages include at least one premium photo book album. Check Out Our Package Price.

How do you keep your wedding photography prices so low?

We keep our prices so low compared to other photographers because we keep our overhead costs low – we don't have flashy shop fronts in CBD, and we don't employ salespeople to try to up-sell you albums, and we minimise our marketing expense, it's simple: we provide high-quality photography at an affordable price. Rest assured that, while our prices are competitive, we do not skimp on our professional cameras and lenses, with each of our highly skilled photographers usually carrying two cameras.

Do the photos we get have watermark or your company logo on them?

Certainly not! Your photos are high-resolution and watermark-free. With us, there is no nonsense – you simply get great photography at a great price!

Do you travel to Wollongong ?

Although our teams are based in Sydney, NSW, Australia. we frequently travel outside Sydney to Wollongong, Central Coast, Southern Highlands and Hunter Valley.

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