Newborn Photographer Sydney

Newborn Photographer Sydney

Are you looking for a newborn photographer Sydney service? Want high-quality images that you can cherish for a lifetime?  Here at Ozphotovideo Studio, we are known for our candid and glamorous photography, the beginning of your child’s life is something to treasure, so make sure you pick the right photographer to capture your newborn’s first moments. Whether you prefer a glamorous setup, the playful dress-up, or the nuanced and minimalist shoot, we have something you suit what you desire in our highly sought after newborn photographers in Sydney. As you hold your little bundle of joy, you can only imagine where life will take them. But, for when life moves on, don’t forget to preserve the first moments before it all begun. Professional photography is the perfect way to welcome your child into the world, and our Sydney baby photographers ensure that it is done with style and panache.

What to Expect?

Expectant mothers are encouraged to book photo sessions in their first or second trimester, in order to minimize stress and reserve a spot.Photographers specialising in newborns are often booked 3-6 months in advance, so don’t make the mistake of coming in late. Also, keep in mind that the ideal time to photograph newborns is within the first two weeks of the birth. Professionals roughly pencil it around the 4-14 day mark; while the newborns are flexible and perfectly curled. Photographers will recommend feeding your child before the session to get them sleepy and serene for the shoot, feeding requirements and nappies should be brought as a safety measure.


Our service

Our newborn photographer Sydney service captures creative, beautiful and artistic photos of your newborn baby. We provide you with a fully personalised newborn photographer Sydney service where we cater to your unique needs and requirements. We offer you a service that is tailored to your budget while striving to not only meet but also exceed your expectations. With high resolution images, you can look back on your photos for many years to come.

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