family portrait photography sydney

Family Portrait Photography Sydney

Here at Ozphotovideo Studio, we deliver second to none family portrait photography services that are affordable without compromising quality. With over 10 years of experience the field, we have become a distinguished and trusted family portrait photography Sydney service.

Family is important and with our family portrait photography Sydney, you can cherish your images for years to come. Your images can be displayed in your home for family and friends to admire them. We have the ability to interpret emotions of love and happiness through beautiful images by offering a truly personalised family portrait photography Sydney service.

 Our Premium Services

We are committed to delivering high quality family portrait photography Sydney service which caters to your specific needs and requirements. We are devoted to creating imagery that is personal, meaningful and professionally tailored to your individual requirements. For your convenience, you can choose the location you prefer.

Our style

Our images will be a combination of the classical and the modern. We love the lifestyle, candid images. These photographs honestly capture and document your family’s true character. On the other hand, we are aware that most pictures that get printed and hung on the walls are still the classical portraits where everyone looks happily into the camera.

Why not get both? We are classically trained portrait photographers, but we also worked as photo-journalists. The number is usually half and half, but you can decide how many of each style you prefer.

We’ll help you with styling and posing to get these classical portraits, but we’ll also keep an eye open for those candid and lifestyle images. Finally, after the photo session, we’ll use our retouching skills to bring out the beauty out of every photograph.

After the shoot

This is where real work starts for us. We take hundreds of images during a family photography session. This is due to the fact that children just can’t be posed. Let’s face it, they do what they want and there is little we can do about it. We will direct them into a position and shoot a lot to give us a chance to capture the best pose and expression.

Choosing the best images from the shoot takes much longer than the shoot itself Taking family pictures is fun, editing and retouching them is work, but we think that the final product is worth the wait and the extra effort. Finally, we select only the best images to be further edited and enhanced. The number of images per package we offer is the minimum you’ll get. If we shoot more great images, you’ll get them too.

Your final edited images will be available within 2 weeks from the photo session.