Portrait photographer sydney

Ozphotovideo Studio has always been about capturing people's moments of true spontaneity while creating a narrative of naturally crafted images. We have also gained recognition as a multi-and international award-winning studio, built a reputation that we are immensely proud of and made our studio 110 per cent customer-focused – all of which is why the vast majority of our portrait photography work is based on referral.

Creatively, all we've learned in life is expressed in our images. We believe that this is an extremely important aspect of our photography, as it helps us to create real moments of spontaneity that offer our photographs a true sense of freedom.
Capturing the essence of a family through imaginative and candid portrait photography is something we find extremely satisfying. We find a great privilege to be invited to spend time with families in the creative capturing of exclusive and intimate photographic records that encapsulate their personal lives.

So, for those imaginative and naturally styled portraits of your family, implement our experienced, driven and down-to - earth approach by calling the studio or by e-mailing us at info@ozphotovideos.com.