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Finding the best Sydney Wedding Photographer for your wedding can be a difficult undertaking. If you've never hired a professional photographer before, you won't know what to look for, what questions to ask, or what kind of due diligence you should perform. This is more crucial now than it has ever been. This is due to the fact that anyone can buy a camera, set up a flashy website, organise a styled shoot with a few models, and post a few photographs and call oneself a professional wedding photographer. All we want at Ozphotovideo Studio is for you to book a photographers (if not us) who will not only provide an excellent experience but also a collection of photographs that you will treasure! So we decided that the best way we could assist was to write this comprehensive guide on 'How To Find The Best Sydney Wedding Photographer.' This should not only clear up any misconceptions about wedding photography, but also equip you with the tools you need to find, identify, and book a fantastic wedding photographer.


When it comes to hiring the ideal Sydney wedding photographer, timing is important. Particularly if they are well-established, well-known, or only accept a limited number of appointments per year. Another consideration is the season of the year in which you intend to marry. Some months are busier than others, and photographers may book out significantly faster during these times. If you're wondering what some of the popular months are, you might want to read our post on 'The Best Months To Get Married in NSW.' Based on our own research, we normally recommend scheduling at least 12 months in advance. If you really want to make sure you don't miss out on your prefered photographer, scheduling 14 or so months in advance is a good idea. However, there will be a limit to how far ahead of time you can book. Some photographers may refuse engagements that are more than 18 months in the future. Thus is because we can't predict where we'll be or what we'll be doing this long in advance. The same can be said for engaged couples, and you don't want to forfeit your deposit if your circumstances change.


When looking for a Sydney wedding photographer, simply starting with research is the greatest thing you can do. If you are unsure where to look, there are a lot of excellent platforms accessible that can undoubtedly help you in your search. These are listed below. But, rather than stating the obvious, we thought it would be preferable to delve into some of the factors that can influence a photographer's visibility on the platforms/publications listed below.


When it comes to locating established photographers, Google can be a fantastic place to start. When looking for a wedding photographer in this area, search for photographers who appear on the first few pages of Google organically. These are photographers who Google trusts and who have earned the right to be positioned there (typically over a lengthy period of time). On the other side, some photographic companies pay to be listed here as well. These photography firms are typically seen at the top and bottom of the page, with a 'Ad' icon next to their listing. Photographers may pay to have their listings listed on this page for a variety of reasons. The two apparent ones are that they aren't getting enough bookings organically or that they are new to the industry. This is why it is preferable to stick with organic results.


Magazines can also be a wonderful way to find your Sydney wedding photographer. Some magazines will feature both a print edition and an online platform to showcase photographers' work. If a genuine wedding entry isn't chosen for print, the magazine may choose to display it on their website instead. A magazine will, in some ways, evaluate the photographers they publish because they do not promote just anyone. Typically, they want to ensure that the photographer's work is of high quality and that their images are consistent with their brand. However, just because a photographer is often pushed or published by a magazine does not necessarily imply that they are the greatest. What you should remember is that a magazine is a business, thus they will usually promote the work of photographers who pay to advertise with them above a photographer who does not.


Social networking is one of the many venues that engaged or pre-engaged couples begin their search. This can include well-known networks such as Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. While these platforms are wonderful for getting a rough sense of a photographer's style, the way they shoot, and how they edit, they should only be used to discover photographers before looking at their work more closely. We almost think we can hear you scratching your head. Allow us to explain... These platforms serve as a sort of portfolio for photographers. A portfolio is a location where each photographer showcases their greatest work. What I mean is that you should not hire a photographer entirely based on what you see here. Instead, conduct some additional study by perusing some of the blogged weddings on their website.


If you have recently married friends or family, this could be a good place to start. Word-of-mouth referrals are usually very reliable! They will, without a doubt, tell you the truth about their experience with the photographer they hired. This could contain some parts they liked and some they didn't. Despite the information they provide, it is still prudent to conduct your own research. This is due to the fact that their experience may differ from the experience you seek. Just because they choose a photographer based on a style they liked doesn't indicate that their photographer's style will suit you.


These references are typically provided by other businesses in the industry, which we refer to as vendors. A  wedding vendor would normally not add a photographer to their list of recommended providers unless they have dealt with them several times and are confident in suggesting them. This allows each vendor to witness firsthand how each photographer works and what is produced at the conclusion of the day. Another advantage of recommendations is that when a vendor provides a list of suggested suppliers to a couple, it also means they are putting their business name on the line when it comes to vouching for the business they are promoting.



Now that you've narrowed down your choice of Sydney wedding photographers, it's time to go deeper into their work. You should next browse their website and look at some of the weblog weddings they've highlighted. These wedding blogs typically feature between 70 and 150 photographs from a single wedding. When it comes to getting a better understanding of how they shoot and edit, this is an excellent place to start. It's also worth noticing how many real weddings' they've showcased on their website. If they only have a handful, there's a good likelihood they're only displaying the 'best of the best.' We understand the method behind this as a wedding photographer, but we can't help but believe it's not an authentic portrayal of what would generally be presented. So pay great attention since this is (in my opinion) ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT STEPS that we believe couples frequently neglect. From here, you should request at least three full wedding galleries that the photographer has supplied to their clientele. This is the only way to get a good concept of what your Sydney wedding photographer might be capable of.


This is another another critical element to consider when performing due diligence. It's a good idea to look into other people's experiences with the Sydney wedding photographer you're considering. We wouldn't only read the testimonials on their website for this; instead, I'd look at their Google business reviews, which aren't filtered. You should be able to get unfiltered evaluations from other couples who have hired the photographer you're looking into here.


When you make an enquiry, you should provide the photographers with as much information about yourself and your wedding day as possible. This will not only save the photographer's time with back-and-forth emails, but it will also give the photographer a better indication of whether or not you are a good fit.

Once you've submitted an enquiry, it's also a good idea to pay attention to how long it takes the photographer to respond.Yes, we have lives as well, but in most circumstances, your photographer should attempt to respond to you within 24 hours (Except for Weekends); this is regarded as very standard. If they are unable to respond immediately, they should have a 'out of office' email that you receive informing you of when they anticipate to respond to your enquiry. The time it takes to respond to an enquiry frequently raises a few questions. Are they swamped with work and unable to respond to an email? Is this how communication in the run-up to your wedding will always be? Is it going to provide for a more enjoyable experience in the long run? Is the situation going to be the same when it comes time to get your photos? All of these are valid issues to ask yourself if the time required to react appears to be excessive.

It's definitely also worth discussing template or automated emails, as this is an important component of the enquiry process. Automated emails aren't always a bad thing, at least for the initial answer. Many Sydney wedding photographers receive many emails every day from couples who are 'comparing packages.' From a photographer's perspective, this is to be anticipated because weddings aren't cheap, and most engaged couples work within a budget when arranging their wedding. While receiving a customised email response may not appear to be much work from the couple's perspective, the time it takes to write these can add up, especially when the photographer receives several requests on a daily basis. As a result, the first response email may be a template or automated email containing some general information as well as the photographer's prices and packages. Following a response from the pair, the photographer will most likely compose personalised emails from now on. So there's no need to be concerned if you receive one at first.



You eventually hear back after sending out your pricing and package request emails. When you open their pricing list, you could assume "They're quite pricey! How can they charge such a high price? ".. On the contrary, you could think, "Isn't this pricing too good to be true?" There could be a variety of reasons why their prices are either extremely affordable, extremely costly, or somewhere in the middle.

A Sydney wedding photographer's fee can easily range from $1000 to $10,000+, however, this is dependent on a number of things. This includes, but is not limited to, the number of photographs supplied, the number of photographers shooting, the optional extras included (albums, framed prints, cards, etc.), and whether you have enquired with a studio or an individual photographer. Other elements that may influence the price include their experience, the time of year (high season or low season), the number of weddings they shoot each year, how well they are known in the business, if they are 'in-demand,' or whether they have already received accolades for their work.

To give you an idea of what to expect, the average full-time wedding photographer will charge roughly $3000 for a 6 hour day and go up from there depending on the quantity of coverage and inclusions requested. This is the expense of doing business for them. If you are on a tight budget, you may be able to discover a photographer who charges less if they are taking high volume orders each year or only shoot part-time.



We said this earlier, but We'll go over it again in case you missed it. Once you've identified a photographer, We recommend asking to see at least three full wedding galleries that they've given to their clients. Most wedding photographers will be delighted to show you some of their work. These galleries will typically have 700-1000 photographs per wedding, depending on what the photographer typically gives. This is the most accurate technique to determine what you might obtain from the Sydney wedding photographer with whom you are in contact.



While you may be tempted to make a deposit right away because the photographer you want is available, it's vital not to rush. At the absolute least, you should call them and talk to them. We recommend doing this since it will not only allow you to obtain answers to any questions you have in one sitting, but it will also give you an indication of their personality and the kind of energy they will bring to your wedding day. After all, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and you'll be spending the majority of the day with this person, so make the most of it! Another advantage of having this conversation is that it will allow you to judge how they make you feel. Do they make you feel at ease? Do they make you feel at ease? Was the conversation tense? Email can only reveal so much about a person, which is why we always recommend having a phone conversation with Ozphotovideo Studio.


After you've scheduled a phone call or meeting with your Sydney wedding photographer, you should prepare a list of critical questions to ask them. This should include any questions that you are unable to get answers to on their website's FAQ. Frequently, couples will come to a meeting and ask, "What questions should I be asking?" So, in order to prevent this from happening, I've decided to lend you a hand. We 've included a list of questions that you might want to ask. You may find only a few of the questions pertinent, or you may wish to ask them all; We'll leave it up to you:

Can you tell me about your image redundancy (backup) strategy, from shooting to storage? At all times, each Sydney wedding photographer should shoot with at least two cards in each camera. So that if one of them breaks or fails, you have a backup of your photographs. The same should be true for when they return home after a wedding; photos should always be downloaded and saved on at least two separate hard discs. Preferably three, with two on-site and one off-site.
What would you call your shooting style? If you are unfamiliar with the many shooting techniques that a photographer can employ, you may want to read our article on 'Wedding Photography Styles.'

How many photos can we anticipate receiving? This is significant because it varies from photographer to photographer. They won't be able to provide you with an exact figure, but they should be able to provide you with an average based on the hours of coverage.
How long will it take for us to obtain our wedding photos after the ceremony?  Usually for us in Ozphotovideo Studio it's 2 weeks, but other studios you can expect much longer time.
What if you get sick in the run-up to the wedding? This answer will differ from photographer to photographer, but it is one with which you should be comfortable.
What if it rains on the day of our wedding? What is your standard operating procedure?  Do you have a plan B if the day rains?
Do you charge for travel? This question is only relevant if the wedding is far away from the photographer's home/office.
Do you assist with the wedding day schedule? Most wedding photographers will want to be involved in this process to ensure that everything works smoothly on the big day. If not, you might make it yourself by following the steps outlined in our article 'How To Create A Wedding Day Timeline.'
How much time do you recommend allotting for each part of the day?
Could you recommend any sites for the portraits? This question may be relevant if your ceremony and reception are hosted at different places and your wedding is not held at a single location.
How much do albums, prints, and cards cost? This would apply if these optional items were not included in their pricing and package list.
How many photographers will be shooting on that particular day? Do you think we need a second photographer if we only have one? Again, every photographer may have a different perspective here, and their response may vary depending on factors such as time limits, the size of the event, or how far apart the bride and groom are getting ready if both are to be caught, and so on.
Do you use Photoshop at all when editing? This is not your typical editing. Most photographers will probably refuse to do Photoshop work unless it is a quick patch or a hero image. This could be due to the time it takes to Photoshop 20-30 consecutive photographs in a series, much alone an entire wedding. It's not as simple as many people believe.
What is the expected ratio of colour photographs to black and white images?  Usually, you'll probably get 1 in every 20 or 50 coloured photos, but it's good to ask.



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This one is clearly false. It makes no difference whether a wedding photographer has never photographed at a particular venue or has photographed there 20 times previously. The truth is that most Sydney wedding photographers, including myself, will either head out to the venue before the wedding day or attend extra early on the day of to take a good look around and devise a plan. We may also conduct research by looking through social media and other wedding blogs to obtain ideas on what others have done. To be clear, this does not imply that we will be recreating shots. It just aids in our preparation and familiarisation with the venue.



If a couple offers a shot list, it is usually because they read about it on a wedding blog, which states that if you don't want your photographer to miss a shot, you must present them with this shot list. This is completely false. The majority of the shot lists you'll see on these blogs are relatively regular images that we shoot on a daily basis. We don't keep these on paper because they are always on our minds as we photograph. Yes, if there are one or two photos that you want to duplicate, most Sydney wedding photographers will try their best to help you recreate them. On the other hand, if you wish to send through some photographs as a source of inspiration, We're sure most people would be pleased to accept this. You chose your photographer for a reason, rest assured. So put your trust in them and their vision, and we guarantee you'll get much better images than if you handed them a shot list.




There may be some validity to this myth, as the price can be closely tied to the quality of photography you obtain in some cases. So, in order to react to this myth effectively, we'll definitely need to provide some context. When it comes to rates ranging from $500 to $1500, there is a good probability that the price you pay will match to the quality of wedding photography you receive. However, there will be a limit at some point. By this, we mean that once you reach a particular price point, let's say $4000 for argument's sake, the quality of wedding photography cannot continue to improve indefinitely. Instead, you may discover that if a photographer charges more than this amount, the packages will include more bells and whistles. This could include things like two days of coverage, a larger amount of photographs supplied, the number of photographers shooting on the day, framed prints and fine art albums included in the package, and so on. Do you get what We're saying?

However, if the packages provided appear to be fairly'standard,' you may have enquired with a studio rather than an individual photographer. We hope that wasn't too confusing. Let me explain. A studio is a photographic business that usually has a storefront or a location where they operate. Individual photographers, on the other hand, may work from home. The truth is that the photography you acquire from a studio versus an individual Sydney wedding photographer will most likely be identical. "How come they charge so much more?" you wonder. The basic reason is because they have a storefront, which implies they will have more overheads (rent, power, water, and so on) that must be covered. These are expenses that a photographer will not incur if they operate from home. This contributes to the studio's greater cost of doing business.

This, too, is inaccurate. If only it were that simple! A Sydney wedding photographer can spend up to 40 hours shooting a single wedding. This prevalent misperception stems from the fact that most individuals only see us for 8-12 hours on the wedding day. In reality, a great deal of labour is done behind the scenes. Both in the run-up to and after your wedding. You may have noticed a link previously in this post titled 'Why Wedding Photography Costs So Much,' which explains how much labour goes into a wedding from the minute we receive an enquiry until your photographs are delivered.



Getting married is a once-in-a-lifetime event, so it's critical that you do your research and make the proper selection. We hope you can use some of the information in this post to help you find a Sydney wedding photographer! It's totally OK if you opt to enquire with myself or someone else entirely. The most important thing is to pick a wedding photographer that is a good fit for you and your wedding. At the end of the day, all We care about is that you are pleased with the outcome! Not only do we capture Sydney weddings, but we also enjoy photographing weddings throughout the central Coast,Wollongong, Blue Mountains, Hunter Valley, Southern Highlands, and South Coast areas.

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