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We're presuming you've arrived at this page because your significant other has proposed and you're now attempting to figure out the best month to be married in Australia. If that's the case, Lonely Hunter Weddings would like to congratulate you before we begin!

One of the most essential decisions you will make is deciding on a specific time of year or month to get married. This decision is usually made before deciding on a venue, the sort of dress to wear, or any suppliers who may be engaged in your wedding day. When it comes to wedding planning, this is just the tip of the iceberg, so it's critical to make the correct decisions from the start.

As full-time wedding photographers, We believe We have a lot of experience with weddings. This knowledge can come in handy when asked, "What is the greatest month to get married in Australia?" We decided to create an essay about it because I've been asked this topic multiple times. In this post, we will not only identify the finest months to be married in Australia, but we will also rate them in order of preference. Knowing this information will assist you in determining not only the best month to marry but also the ideal time of year or season to marry.



Before we get into the nitty-gritty of which month is our favourite, let's take a look at the seasons. Lonely Hunter Weddings has summarised the following facts using a list of pros and disadvantages to evaluate the seasons. Whether you are a seasoned wedding guest or have never attended one before. When it comes to wedding planning, the following list of pros and drawbacks will come in handy.



Autumn is without a doubt our favourite season for attending and photographing weddings as a wedding photographer. This season has so much going for it that it's simple to see why it's our favourite!


Temperatures that are comfortable - Guests will not be freezing or sweating during Autumn.
Incredible light - There's something about the light in Autumn that has us drooling every time.
More sunsets - Similar to the previous statement, we discover that there are considerably more sunsets throughout Autumn.
The colour pallet - As the season's change, there will be a plethora of fresh colours available to use in your wedding images.

Autumn rain can be a little more frequent!
Peak wedding season - Due to the benefits outlined above, Autumn can be fairly busy. This means that booking your prefered location or vendor may be a little more challenging.
Public Holidays – With so many public holidays in Autumn, your guests may already have other plans.



Don't be scared off by the cooler weather; if you dress appropriately, a Winter wedding can have a lot of benefits!


Winter may assist to create a really wonderful ambience for your wedding with mulled wine and open flames.
Guests can dress comfortably in suits or jackets - You can always add more clothes to keep warm. Unfortunately, there are only so many layers you can remove to cool off in the summer.
Longer reception hours and no interruptions - Because the sun sets earlier, your reception can begin earlier and you won't have to duck out to see the sunset as you would in the summer.
Savings – Because the winter months are often the low season, several venues and merchants may be willing to give discounts.
Honeymoon destinations - Europe will be busy throughout the summer months. This could be an ideal time to go on your honeymoon.
Winter months typically feature some of the lowest average rainfall.
Sunsets occur earlier - Because the sun sets earlier in the day, you are more likely to capture those spectacular sunset shots.
The light is softer - Because the sun is lower in the sky in winter, the light from the sun is softer. If you're getting married early in the day, this will boost your photos.


Fewer florals – Because fewer flowers will be in season, you may have fewer options for arranging your reception.
Cold weather isn't everyone's cup of tea, unfortunately.



Spring, like Autumn, is one of our favourite seasons for weddings. When it comes to these two seasons, it's difficult to pick a favourite.


Mild Temperatures - Spring, like Autumn, features pleasant temperatures.
Outdoor Ceremonies - Because the weather is nice, outdoor ceremonies can be popular.
All of the flowers will be in bloom, which means that your florals and wedding photos will be perfect.
Food - There are many different foods in season throughout the spring, so your menu will be quite fresh.


Because it is high season, you will need to reserve your venue and suppliers as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.
There will be no savings because it is a busy season for weddings.
Busy location shots - If you went to a public place for photos, other bridal parties might be there as well.



If you enjoy warmer weather, the summer months can be a nice time of year for a wedding. However, we believe the other three seasons have a lot more going for them for the reasons indicated below.


Plenty of florals to select from Balmy evenings - this means you won't need to wrap up at any time during the night


Extended daylight hours – Couples will perform their ceremonies later in the day because the sun sets later (if outside). This, we believe, shortens the entire wedding time and, as a result, reduces the amount of time you get to spend with visitors.
Harsher light - The light for photography might be substantially harsher in the summer due to the sun. This is because you are being married later in the day, which means the sun will be higher in the sky.
Interruptions at the reception - If you want to enjoy the sunset, you will need to leave your reception for 15-20 minutes.
Hot temps – We've seen that when it's hot outside, guests suffer. We also see that bridal parties lose energy significantly sooner since hot temperatures make things uncomfortable.
Hair and cosmetics will deteriorate faster - You want to look your best all day, but sweat and humidity can cause hair and makeup to decay faster.
Flowers will wilt considerably faster in the heat.
No Jackets - Weddings can be formal affairs, therefore it's appropriate to dress up. However, because it is extremely hot in the summer, guests are not permitted to wear jackets.
Summer is still a busy season for weddings, so you'll need to book venues early and hunt for restaurants with air conditioning.
Because the Northern Hemisphere will be in winter, you may need to choose a location closer to home for your honeymoon.



Now that we've reviewed the finest seasons to be married in NSW, let's get a little more specific. If you're still thinking about when is the best month to be married in NSW, consider our professional advice. The months listed below are listed in descending order from our favourite (1) to our least favourite (1). (12)

April March May October November September June August July December February January
It's perhaps no surprise that Australians think Autumn and Spring are the finest times of year to get married. But did you expect Autumn to outperform Spring? Or would the summer months be our least favourite time of year? Before deciding on the best time of year to get married, consider the pros and downsides of each. This is due to the fact that everyone has distinct preferences, needs, and situations.



We hope you found this article 'THE BEST MONTH TO GET MARRIED IN NSW' useful. These are our expert insights gleaned from photographing weddings week in and week out.

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