Top tips for looking stunning in wedding photos

Your wedding images will live on for a very long time. You and your parents will undoubtedly want to frame them, there will be an album to peruse at every chance, and your children and grandchildren will be enthralled by them. So, basically, you want to appear amazing! Read on for our best ideas on how to look beautiful in wedding photos.

A genuine smile

Smiling all the time can cause jaw pain, and your grin can start to look false after a while. You don't want to appear glum in your wedding photos, so a wonderful suggestion is to press your tongue against the back of your front teeth to maintain your grin looking natural and genuine.

Get rid of the double chin

Hold your head high when being photographed to prevent a double chin from ruining your photos. In addition to stretching out a double chin, this will give your jaw definition and make you appear more self-assured. If keeping your chin up causes neck pain, consider tilting forwards slightly to accomplish the same effect.

Consider the colour

Consider the colour of your outfit carefully. When you go dress shopping, have your maid of honour snap photos of you in several hues of white, creams, and ivories, and carefully analyse the results before making your final decision.

Keep your hands under control

Fiddling with your dress or hair might damage your photos and make you appear nervous, so consider the location of your hands. Try to keep them casually dangling by your sides, or hold a clutch bag that matches your attire or firmly grab that bouquet!

Posing practise

Every bride is a different form, and some stances will draw attention to your greatest features. Try standing with one foot in front of the other, or moving your body to the side and simply turning your head and shoulders towards the camera. You may feel silly practising different positions for your wedding photos in front of the bathroom mirror, but a little practise will pay off on the big day.

Take it easy on the fake tan

Avoid using excessive fake tan, which tends to look unappealing in images and can appear more orange than it does in normal daylight. Because pink and red tones are picked up by the camera, choose a foundation with yellow undertones to balance out your skin tone.

Include news coverage

Make sure your photographer captures some candid photographs of you mixing with your friends and family; spontaneous shots of you laughing and having fun frequently turn out the best. Some people simply do not feel comfortable posing for formal shots, and no matter how hard you try, you can wind up looking forced and uneasy.

Examine your veil

Beads on a veil, for example, can seem as dots in an image. Ask someone to photograph you in your veil ahead of time, and if you are unhappy with the pictures, make sure you pull the veil back for the important shots.

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