Last-Minute Wedding Photographer In Sydney

Are You Seeking a Last-Minute Wedding Photographer in Sydney?

I am Gerry, a wedding photographer in Sydney offering a lifeline to anxious brides and grooms in need of a photographer urgently, be it a month or even just a week before the wedding day.

As a Sydney-based wedding photographer well-acquainted with venues spanning from north to south, east to west (Grand Roxy, Daltone House, Dockside Group, Waterview, Curzon Hall, Le Montage, Paradiso), I am readily available to step in as an emergency backup wedding photographer for your special day.

How to Find a Professional Last-Minute Wedding Photographer in Sydney?

Discovering that your chosen wedding photographer is unavailable just a week before the big day can be devastating and stressful. However, opting for a random replacement is not the solution. While it's not your fault the initial photographer had to cancel, choosing a last-minute photographer at random is not ideal. I am here to guide you in finding a professional wedding photographer within a short time frame.


From Your Photographer’s List

Typically, couples meet with two to three wedding photographers before making a choice based on budget and style. Even if you didn't hire a particular photographer initially, maintaining a good relationship with them is crucial, as they might be the best option for a last-minute replacement.


Look for a Studio or Company

Instead of hiring an individual wedding photographer, I recommend considering a company. Wedding photography studios, such as Ozphotovideo Studio, operate as a team with dedicated administrators, coordinators, and photographers focused exclusively on the wedding day. Unlike individual photographers who handle administrative work, shooting, and post-production themselves, studios maintain a consistent level of quality by employing multiple skilled photographers who share the same style and approach.

Get Help from Friends and Family

If you can't find a last-minute wedding photographer in Sydney or the cost is beyond your budget, consider seeking help from friends or family who may have experience in landscape or portrait photography. Even without a professional DSLR camera, wedding guests can use their smartphones to capture high-quality photos for sharing on social media.


Before Hiring a Wedding Photographer, Double-Check Their Gallery

Take your time when selecting a last-minute wedding photographer. Review their wedding photography gallery and Google reviews to ensure you are making the right choice. While you may not be able to meet them in person in such short notice, you can still ask essential questions before finalizing your decision.

Affordable Wedding Photography Package

Wondering how much to budget for last-minute wedding photography? At Ozphotovideo Studio, our wedding photography starts at $1680, covering 6 hours of photography with album,  which includes one photographer for bride and groom preparations, ceremony, location, and reception. Unlimited photos are taken on the day, and color-corrected high-resolution files are provided on a USB. Additional wedding photography packages are also available.  Call or  Fill out the Contact Form.

last minute wedding photography package price.


For more information about your upcoming wedding or if your friends are in search of a wedding photographer in Sydney, please reach out to our team, a professional team with 15 years of experience in wedding photography.