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Bowral Wedding Photographer

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Wedding photography in and around Bowral and New South Wales

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Your wedding day should be authentic, relaxed, and most importantly... a lot of fun!

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Wedding photography that captures not only what the moments looked like, but also how they felt.

The giggling. Tears of joy. The sobs. Hugs provide comfort. A touch that evokes emotion. After a few too many beers, splitting one's pants and busting out those killer dance floor moves...

-On your wedding day and in your wedding photos, you should be able to be yourself. It doesn't matter if it's quirky, serious, emotional, or humorous. Simply have fun and be yourself!

-Your wedding photographs should be lovely and natural, without the need for you to stiffly stand for hours.

-Your wedding photographer should be calm and comfortable, as well as enjoyable to be around.


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Our Approach

The awkwardness melts away the moment our session begins, whether it's a wedding, an intimate adventurous elopement, family memories, or parents anticipating or cherishing the arrival of their new child.
We want your memories to live on for future generations, to be a time capsule full of love and passion. We want your children, and their children, to be able to relive those experiences and empathise with the feelings expressed. Rather than disappearing, these memories will develop with you and become a part of your life's story.

We love nothing more than travelling to Bowral and the Southern Highlands for shoots, coming as the photographer and departing as someone you've known for years. Capturing your personalities, laughing, love, and having a great time while doing it - all while generating photos you'll have to enjoy for a long - and all you have to do is be you! We'll take care of the rest.

The Southern Highlands are our favourite place in greater Sydney!

We like travelling and discovering new locations, as well as photographing weddings and elopements around the NSW Southern Highlands region. Bowral is one of the most gorgeous towns in NSW, and since it is so close to both Sydney and Canberra, it is a popular tourist destination as well as one of the top wedding destinations in the state. Bowral is a historic village surrounded by rustic houses, bush walks and walking paths, vineyards and wineries, and breathtaking scenery. As a consequence, it's no wonder that Bowral is such a popular wedding destination, with so many beautiful settings for Bowral wedding photos. If you are planning a wedding or eloping in Bowral or the surrounding suburbs such as Moss Vale, Mittagong, Robertson, Berrima, Goulburn, Bundanoon, Penrose, Sutton Forest, Wildes Meadow, Fitzroy Falls, or anywhere in or around the Southern Highlands region, we would love to be your wedding photographers!

A Bowral Wedding Photography

The region's natural beauty is a huge drawcard for weddings and a favourite among Bowral Wedding Photographers. Bowral comes to life in all seasons, thanks to a wealth of rustic, country wedding locations.Bowral Wedding Photography and Southern Highlands Wedding Photography simply shines in all seasons in excellent weather, from rich greens in Spring and Summer to magnificent orange and crimson colours as the leaves change in Autumn and into Winter. If you're lucky, it may snow in Bowral in the autumn and winter, adding another fantastic element to the region's already diverse terrain and natural splendour, making for a spectacular wedding photographer. There is a vast selection of wedding venues and hidden gems for locations, settings, and backgrounds to be married in a more private setting for elopements and modest weddings.There is a vast selection of wedding venues and hidden gems for locations, settings, and backgrounds to be married in a more private setting for elopements and modest weddings. A Bowral Elopement Photographer is spoiled for choice when it comes to outdoor settings, with everything from forests to vineyards, lookouts and bush paths, estates and beautiful gardens! Whatever the size of your wedding, from an intimate elopement to a large-scale wedding, Bowral is a must-see! It's humbling to be invited into the lives of people to chronicle one of their most important days or a memorable moment in time.


Please take the time to look through our portfolio, and if you connect with our images and can imagine yourselves in them and are looking for a Bowral wedding photographer or if you are planning a wedding anywhere else in the region, then please contact us.


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