St mary’s cathedral wedding

St Mary's Cathedral Wedding

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St Mary's Cathedral is built on Australia's oldest continuous site of Catholic devotion. The first St Mary's was erected on property donated to the church by Governor Macquarie in 1820 after Father John Joseph Therry petitioned him for a location for a Catholic chapel. The location was chosen on the outskirts of town, near the convict barracks and convict garden. In October 1821, Macquarie lay the foundation stone. The Cathedral is an excellent venue for a wedding reception or party.

Getting Wed in a Cathedral

Marrying at St Mary's Cathedral is as personal, meaningful, and spiritual as you wish. Cathedrals are exceptional and one-of-a-kind sites to get married because the prayers, promises, and entire service of celebration become a part of your marriage, both on the day of the wedding and afterwards.

St Mary's Cathedral Wedding

Why would you select St Mary's Cathedral for your wedding?

For a ceremony location(almost) as beautiful as the bride… It is a unique experience to host an event at the Cathedral. Many prominent Sydneysiders have married at the Cathedral, which has a colourful history.

St Mary's Cathedral wedding


Central position — The Cathedral is located in the centre of Sydney's CBD, close to public transportation and local amenities.

Unique historic settings — From Gothic-style buildings to marquees set in beautiful lawns, all at affordable prices.





  • No more than 100 people (Wedding guests) permitted inside the Cathedral.
  • Bridal couple are to supply a final list of attendance (family and guests) who should be granted access to the Cathedral to manage numbers.  The attendance list is to include full names and in alphabetical order (by last name please); note to include yourselves, the bridal party and your designated suppliers e.g. one photographer, one videographer.  Contact phone numbers with other information will be obtained from all at the Cathedral’s registration sign in area.  Once St Mary’s Cathedral is at capacity of x100 people, no one else will be permitted inside for the Wedding.


  • All family and Wedding guests are to enter and sign in via the Western doors (College Street side of the Cathedral).
  • All entering the Cathedral must leave their name and contact details for COVID-safe purposes, and social distancing and hygiene measures must be observed at all times.
  • Persons from one household can sit together in a pew, however must leave 1.5 metres from the next person of a different household.
  • Bridal party (bride, father and bridesmaids) can enter from the Cathedral’s Southern doors (main entrance). Or alternatively, they enter via the Cathedral’s Western door (College Street) and walk along the Western aisle within the Cathedral towards the Southern side to walk up the main aisle for the bridal entrance.
  • If Southern doors are used for bridal party entry, these doors will be closed immediately after entry.


  • Bridal party ONLY to exit via the Southern doors.  Or alternatively, they can exit via the Western doors (down the main aisle and back towards the Western aisle within the Cathedral) if Southern doors are not used.
  • All other family and guests are to exit via the Western Door (College Street side of the Cathedral).
  • Upon exiting, all family and guests are to move swiftly from the exit area and not linger outside.
  • All family and Wedding guests to practice social distancing when outside the Cathedral.

PHOTOGRAPHY and VIDEO: (in addition to our standard guidelines)

  • Only one photographer and one videographer are permitted inside the Cathedral
  • Photography and video of the bridal party ONLY, can take place on the main Southern steps and around the Cathedral.
  • Group photography and video of family and friends is NOT permitted on the St Mary’s Cathedral premises due to COVID social distancing requirements.

St Mary's Cathedral Wedding Photographers & Videographers

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