What you should know about high-end wedding photography

Luxury weddings are a wonderful way to express your love for one another while also splurging on a beautiful and luxurious setting that you may not always afford.

With Instagram and Pinterest giving us more time and love for luxury weddings, more couples are attempting to incorporate this into their day, regardless of their ability to afford the price tag.

As a result, incorporating luxe elements into various types of weddings is a popular trend right now, and one that we wholeheartedly support. Why shouldn’t you be able to spoil yourself on your wedding day, regardless of your financial situation? From luxe rustic weddings to full luxury wedding planning, capturing the day in the right style is a big part of it. And one opulent touch you can include to make you feel extra special on your wedding day is photography.

What differentiates your photography as luxurious?

I’m sure you’re wondering how luxury wedding photography differs from traditional wedding photography. It all comes down to the style of your photos, how they capture your moments, and what equipments are used. Although candid photography is popular right now, 45 percent of couples prefer a mix of traditional and candid photography. If you want luxury photography on your wedding day, this is the route to take.
Luxury wedding photography boils down to the mindset of the photos and how a photographer makes you feel as a couple on your wedding day. While you should be feeling important (it’s your wedding day! ), you also want your photography to make you feel luxurious. Almost as if you were royalty!
This can be accomplished by focusing on the luxurious elements of your wedding that you already have in place, such as your decor and transportation, or by using knowledge to enhance that luxury focus.

Backlit photos at night, for example, are a terrific way to highlight the importance of you as a couple while still capturing the luxury of your big day. However, don’t confuse luxury photography with highly altered pictures. While many photographers who specialise in luxury photography can edit their photographs, and fantasy editing can be a luxury style in and of itself, highly-edited imagery is its own genre of imaging.

When should you pick luxury photography?

Of course, premium photography is not for everyone. So, why should you choose a premium photographer for your wedding? If you don’t mind having a camera on you all day and want to look back on your wedding images and remember how elegant you felt, then you should consider hiring a luxury photographer.
Luxury photography is also an excellent choice if you have a certain idea in mind for your wedding images. The appropriate angles, lighting, glam factor, and many other things will help you realise that vision, however a luxury photographer will not make you feel like you have to arrange everything yourself.However, if you have a few elegant elements, such as your dress, florals, or a hanging installation, a good photographer should be able to work with these to make the day and luxe feeling appear more seamless throughout your images.

A good luxury wedding photographer will be able to take what we think are ordinary wedding items, such as your rings, shoes, or perfume, and transform them into something magical reminiscent of a celebrity getting ready for the Oscars. Once you’ve nailed down these elements, you can consider more posed images with specific lighting or framing to capture your day.

What kind of background do you want the photographer to have?

If you’re looking for luxury photography as a style for your wedding, make sure you hire an experienced photographer.
The luxe factor is determined by how they treat you, position you, and make you feel on your wedding day, as well as the camera tools, props, and equipment they use. So it makes sense that the more experienced your photographer, the more likely they are to be able to achieve this elegant vision.

Speak with a photographer who has previously worked at luxury weddings or with photographers whose luxury style you admire based on their real-life experience shooting weddings. While some studio photographers may have a luxurious style, at the end of the day, you want a photographer who understands the fast-paced nature of being onsite at a wedding.

What are some of the questions you should ask a luxury photographer?

To ensure that your photographer has the necessary skill set, ask them about the equipment they use to create these luxury photos. Not in terms of what kind of cameras they might have, but of the accessories. To ensure that your luxury vision is captured, we recommend that you ask your photographer the following questions:
#How would you make us feel pampered on our wedding day?
#How do you capture various opulent elements?
#What kind of lighting do you use for luxury images?
#What is the best pose for luxury wedding photos?

These responses will help you determine how experienced your photographer is in this style. Remember to ask an open-ended question whenever you want a genuine response to a question. Save the yes/no answers for more specific questions, such as whether you’ve brought along some images and want to know if they can achieve a specific effect.

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