How to make your wedding unforgettable

How can you make sure your wedding is a standout event that guests will be talking about for years to come?

You might have all the basics of wedding preparation covered, including the budget, the venue, the photographer, and the catering.  But with our experiences,  we’ve put together a list of our best tips so you can make your wedding memorable not just for you but for the guests too.


1. Ensure the entertainment is Remarkable

Whether it’s a live acoustic singer for the ceremony and pre-dinner beverages or a killer DJ that will keep your guests on the dance floor until the wee hours, then choosing the proper entertainment is key in creating the right ambience for your wedding day.

Simple Wedding Australia recently did a poll on their Instagram story to ask our followers what stood out to them from weddings they had been to, and it came as no surprise that the number one response was”the music”.

Our wedding specialist, Gerry, has helped plenty of couples find the perfect musicians to make their wedding more memorable. “The music sets the entire vibe for the day, so it’s essential to get a musician who knows the ambience you’re trying to make,” says Gerry.

If you’re struggling to find the perfect band or DJ for your wedding, and they’ll match you with an incredibly talented musician.


2. Have a personalised signature cocktail

Customised drinks are guaranteed to excite your wedding guests, and who does not love cocktails? For an enjoyable and memorable experience, design a signature cocktail for the evening, named after something meaningful to you as a couple.

3. Choose a funny and engaging celebrant

For a memorable ceremony, it’s important to make certain that your celebrant knows the vision you have and that their character matches the vibe you need to go with.

“A excellent celebrant should know precisely how to capture your unique love story with words to perform a ceremony which feels heartfelt, genuine, and engaging,” says Gerry. “Always be sure you meet with your celebrant originally either in person or via Zoom to be certain that their personality is best suited to yours.”

4. Create a surprise area for your guests

If you want your wedding to stand out from the rest, design a key space that can be shown to your guests later in the evening. Take guests on a trip following the reception dinner and draw the curtain back or open the door to reveal a concealed cocktail bar or late-night spirits lounge. By adding in a few comfy chairs and lounges, you can make a cosy area for people to relax and chat away from the main reception area.

5. Serve tasty snacks for late night 

After spending hours on the dancefloor, your wedding guests will no doubt have worked up an appetite, and therefore it’s a good idea to serve some yummy late-night snacks. About an hour before the reception is due to finish, have your caterer bring out tasty handheld snacks like sliders, cheese toasties, pizza slices, or packed fries.

“It is super important to make sure that there is an ample amount of food, especially later on when guests have been drinking and dancing all night,” says Gerry. “People will remember your wedding for the wrong reasons if they have to do a late-night McDonald’s run!” Create a memorable exit

As the wedding celebrations start to wind down and the night comes to an end, the fun doesn’t have to stop. Gather your friends and family outside the place for a memorable farewell so you can finish your wedding day on a high note.

6. Make a memorable exit

As the wedding celebrations begin to wind down and the night comes to an end, the fun doesn’t have to stop. Gather your family and friends outside the venue for an unforgettable farewell so that you can end your wedding day on a high note. Some of our favourite wedding exit photos feature sparklers, confetti, and even fireworks!

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