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when you start receiving those fancy to tacky invitation cards to attend a huge extraordinary celebration that is called a  Lebanese wedding. A Lebanese wedding tends to get noticed, not only because they are larger celebrations than most nuptials, but also the families and especially the bride, like to take a lot of public photos of their big day.

Given the extravagance that many weddings everybody is expected to dance till midnight. All this is something that should be photographically and cinematically preserved for posterity.



Some features of a Lebanese Weddings we like to Capture.
– Formal attire of all guests.
– Late night dancing.
– The fancy cars that people hire for the event.
– For young Lebanese couple in West and SouthWestern Sydney, car burnouts.
– The festive engagement before the wedding, or other Pre-wedding parties
– A firework display, which is not uncommon.
– The Zaffe- the bride and groom entrance accompanied by music.
– The many, many outdoors photos.

A Lebanese wedding is a combination of many things, and no one image can capture more than a single moment of this. But a wedding album can document and preserve such a grand event forever.

Of course, every Lebanese wedding in Sydney is unique, and every couple has different priorities. We understand this uniqueness and arrange for everything the happy couple consider important to be captured on film. We want your day to be a visual memory for a lifetime.

Capture your wedding day with a team of top wedding videographers and wedding photographer in Sydney, who know how to work together whilst still remaining inconspicuous. Your ceremony and relationship are worth it.

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