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Unveiling the Unseen Expenses Your Wedding Photographer Won’t Disclose

At Ozphotovideo Studio, with over a decade of experience in the wedding industry, we've witnessed numerous tales of hidden charges that catch couples off guard. Weddings can be financially daunting, with expenses ranging from attire and venues to photography. Wedding photography, in particular, is notorious for concealing additional costs. In this blog, we aim to empower you with crucial insights to make informed decisions and safeguard your budget from unexpected expenses.

Essential Inquiries for Your Prospective Wedding Photographer

1. Outsourcing Concerns:

Many Sydney studios outsource photography and videography to inexperienced or low-cost contractors, prioritising profits, for example, some studios have their Google business set up in Sydney but the real owner is based in another city or country and the owner only communicates with you ONLY in Zoom or phone calls and emails, there is no physical place you can meet him/her locally, and he/she outsource their photographer in Sydney that cost a fraction of the what he/she charges you. To avoid disappointment,  request a meeting in person in your city, and assess their photos and physical albums.

2. Editing Precision:

Editing wedding photos demands extensive time and effort. Some studios provide raw images and edit only a select few, charging extra for additional edits. Clarify the number of edited photos included in your package and specify this in your contract to prevent unforeseen fees. To make sure you get the photos you want and avoid hidden costs ask the wedding photographer "Will my wedding photos all be edited exactly like what is displayed on your website? If yes approximately how many? and will you put that in writing?

3. File Resolution and Watermarks:

Beware of studios offering "High Definition" files, often insufficient for printing large-quality photographs. Insist on full-resolution files, specifying your camera's original resolution, and ensure no watermarks mar your cherished memories. Document these requirements in your contract for clarity. Google defines a high-definition file as "HD refers to 1280 x 720,  These are around 1 megapixel! FullHD is twice as large, at 1920 x 1080 pixels. That's 2 megapixels." These files are far too small in today's day and age for printing. Studios do this so that you are forced to buy the prints from their studios at huge markups.

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4. Complimentary Offer Pitfalls:

Freebies like engagement photoshoots can hide costs. Studios might charge hefty amounts for additional edited photos from these engagement sessions. Clearly inquire if all photos from complimentary shoots are included in your package to avoid unexpected expenses.


5. Transparent Fee Structures:

Hidden fees lurk beneath the surface, including parking, early morning, late finish, travel, editing, consultation, overtime, logo removal, full-resolution files, online storage, delivery, and mandatory product purchases. A transparent fee schedule in your contract is vital. Ensure it lists all potential charges and confirms that you won't be subjected to surprise hikes.


6. Post-Booking Support:

Some studios charge extra for post-booking consultations, an unjust practice. Be vigilant and question any additional charges for consultations after your initial meeting.


7. Written Agreements:

Insist on every detail being documented. If it's not in writing, it's not guaranteed. Clear communication and written agreements safeguard you from unexpected expenses and guarantee the services you deserve.


At Ozphotovideo Studio, we stand out as Sydney's premier wedding photographers due to our transparency. We disclose all costs upfront, ensuring no unwelcome surprises. By following this comprehensive guide, you'll navigate the intricate process of choosing a wedding photographer, ensuring a memorable and stress-free experience.

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