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A Croatian wedding is a 24-hour party that is filled with good traditional food, celebratory drinks, and laughter. Whether you are new to a Croatian wedding custom, visiting Croatia for the first time to attend a destination wedding or returning home for a family member’s wedding, you can expect a wedding event full of unique and fun-loving traditions.

Given the extravagance that many weddings everybody is expected to dance till midnight. All this is something that should be photographically and cinematically preserved for posterity.

(Kristijan & Teresa :  Kristijian and best man is preparing for meeting the birde Teresas)

Some features of a Croatian Weddings we like to Capture.

1. Engagement
Instead of a diamond ring, the man offers an obiljezje, which is a piece of fruit such as an apple with coins pressed into it. The acceptance of the fruit by the lady symbolizes their engagement. This is a very old Croatian wedding tradition that is not seen in other countries.

croatian engagement sydney

2. Buying the Bride
On the wedding day, the groom first heads to his bride’s parents’ house together with an ensemble of musicians or other groomsmen to woo the bride. This is one of the most amusing Croatian wedding customs where decoy brides are often offered up.

3. The Walks to Church
Everyone then heads to the church for the ceremony as one person carries the Croatian flag. Flag carriers are called the barjaktar and they wave the flag around for the entire procession, whooping and shouting as they go.

4. Rosemary and Donations
As guests enter the wedding reception, they are given little bundles of rosemary wrapped in the ribbon which is pinned to their left side as a sign of welcome. Guests normally leave a donation in exchange for their rosemary pins.

5. The Ceremony
The wedding ceremony is usually catholic but many couples today decide to confirm their love in different wedding venues. A professional photographer takes a bunch of photos in front of the church.

6. At the Reception
The bride and groom participate in various light-hearted activities at the reception like a game to determine who will be the boss of the house.

7. Dance with the Bride
Another Croatian wedding tradition is the dance with the bride which usually starts during Reception. The guests have a chance to dance with the bride in circle, in exchange for money.

8. The Real Party
After the wedding ceremony, it’s time to head to the wedding venue, to eat, drink, and be merry until the morning.

9. Raki Offering
During the wedding day, guests & families are served with Raki wines in exchange for money.

raki during croatian wedding sydney

10. Wedding Gifts
During one part of the evening, guests bring their presents to the couple and in almost every case, money is the gift presented in an envelope.

A Croatian wedding is a combination of many things, and no one image can capture more than a single moment of this. But a wedding album can document and preserve such a grand event forever.

Of course, every Croatian wedding in Sydney is unique, and every couple has different priorities. We understand this uniqueness and arrange for everything the happy couple considers important to be captured on film. We want your day to be a visual memory for a lifetime.

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