Your ultimate guide for selecting your sydney wedding date in 2020

Ready to face your family and friends after a week (or day) of engaged life but dreading the silliest and most frustrating of all chitchat conversation starters for engaged couples? “When’s the massive day?”Well once you’ve told them to leave you alone (because no, you haven’t organised anything yet), you would possibly want to start considering when you actually will get married. So how does one set a date?

How important is your wedding date?
Setting the day that you’ll celebrate for years to come may seem daunting initially . But remember that by the end of it all you’ll be married to your absolute favourite person. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter whether that’s a Monday in spring or a Saturday in winter. It’s about celebrating you!

If you're worried about the date start by making a listing of dates you DON’T want to get married on. Narrow it down by crossing out public holidays or large sporting events if you think that they’ll clash with your plans. If your most important people can make it then you know you’ve found a winner.

The most popular wedding dates of 2020
Most people who are planning a wedding are doing it for the first time. So remember, you’re not alone! the best way to get an inspiration of what to do is to look at what couples have done before you.

We’ve taken a glance at the most popular wedding dates for 2020 to give you a thought of when most of the people are choosing to host their weddings. If you’re getting married in 2021, 2022 or beyond, the date itself may change slightly based on what day of the week it falls on. But this is still a good guide to go on.

Feb 22
March 14
March 28
April 4
April 18
Oct 10
Oct 17
Oct 24
Nov 7
Nov 14

So, how does one choose your wedding date?
Choosing a date for your wedding isn’t as daunting because it seems! in spite of everything, it’s going to be your date and you can choose when and what you want. But if you're trying to find a guide, here are a number of the most popular ways other couples use to make a decision when to get married.

By the season
The majority of couples choose their wedding date based on what season of the year they want to marry. If you're keen on how a particular place or photos look in a particular season then this is the way for you. Choosing by the season also gives you a guide of how the weather will hold up at a particular time of year.
Every popular wedding date in 2020 is in either autumn or spring, with the exception of one particularly special February date. That’s because autumn and spring are the most popular times of the year for couples to get married. 38% of couples will get married in spring while another 28% will marry in autumn.
Weather and nature are two big factors for weddings in autumn and spring. These months are generally easier to predict and prepare for a heatwave or a cold snap. They’re also changing seasons which means the greenery and nature around you'll look stunning. Bright pops of florals in spring and rich autumn leaves and colours earlier in the year are two reasons to get married in these seasons.

Based on your venue
The wedding venue is typically the first supplier a couple will book for his or her day. If you fall in love with a specific venue then it makes sense to work your wedding date around when they’re available. In fact, 11% of couples will choose their date specifically on when their favourite venue is available.
For instance, you might know you want a spring wedding and use your venue’s availability to narrow down which Saturday you want to book. But what happens if the venue you're keen on is booked out every Saturday during the time of year you want to marry?
The trick is to not be afraid about mixing things up a little. It’s true that the bulk 65% of couples will get married on a Saturday. But we've seen a huge increase in Friday weddings as couples work with their venues to find another date. 16% of weddings in 2020 are going to be on a Friday. Another 9% of weddings will also get on a Sunday. If you've got that flexibility there’s no harm in moving to a different day of the week so you don’t miss out.
It doesn’t just have to be your venue either. you'll fall crazy with a specific photographer, celebrant, or maybe band. Don’t be afraid to interrupt the mould to make sure you get the day that you simply want!

By the date
We mentioned earlier that there's one particularly popular date in February that breaks the mould of the foremost popular seasons in 2020. That is, of course, february 22, otherwise known as 22/2/2020.
If you only love the way a specific date looks or feels to you, then choose it for your wedding! 13% of couples will choose a date that has special aiming to them and another 8% will choose a date simply because they like it .
It might be an anniversary, birthday, or New Year’s Eve. If you already like it then find how to celebrate it more within the years to return .

By the month
Narrow down your choice of a wedding date even more by choosing a specific month to hold your nuptials. Many couples who choose their date by month combine the season they love with their personal schedule. A busier time at work, exam period, holiday, or even avoiding another wedding could make one month stand out to you.
January – 6%
February – 9%
March – 12%
April – 9%
May – 7%
June – 4%
July – 4%
August – 6%
September – 7%
October – 16%
November – 15%
December – 5%
The most popular months for weddings in 2020 are the spring months of October and November, followed by March. Naturally, winter months are less popular for weddings. But this could mean that your vendors are more flexible or available on that coveted Saturday date.

According to your budget
If you would like the wedding of your dreams but are still working it into your other life finances then consider choosing your wedding date based on your budget.
Around 46% of the typical wedding budget is put towards the wedding venue. If you’re on a budget then choosing a date for your venue around how much you'll spend will help reduce some of your overall costs.
Winter weddings are great value as you’ll be able to choose that Saturday date, but most venues and a few other vendors will offer off-peak rates for the season.
Most venues will also offer a weekend rate for a Friday, Saturday and Sunday with a lower rate for the remainder of the week. If you are doing want to urge married within the high season then consider a weekday wedding to maximise on those weekday prices.
5% of couples choose their date based on their budget. Weekday weddings also structure 8% of weddings throughout the year. These are some great options to plan the wedding of your dreams while still saving for that next big thing.

Choose it however you want!
These may be the most popular ways to settle on a wedding date but that doesn’t mean that they are the only ways to choose.
7% of couples choose their date because it’s when their closest family and friends can make it. 1% choose a date that has family tradition tied to it. Another 1% choose a date because it’s astrologically the simplest date for them.
Or it could just work for you. 37% of couples don’t put their choice of date down to a single reason. It’s all the small reasons that come together and make it the perfect date for them.
Whatever your reasons, have all the fun in the world on your big day!

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