How much does a wedding photographer cost in 2020?

The average price of a wedding photographer in Australia 2020

The cost of a wedding photographer in Australia has increased by 8% over the past year, averaging $3,211.

This, of course, takes into thought the prices across all states and territories, similarly as couples hiring skilled photographers as opposed to having a friend or family member take their photos for them. Photography is one among the foremost necessary things once it comes to the wedding day, with 91% of couples hiring a professional for their day. By comparison, a mere 7% have an amateur take their photos. only 2% prefer not to have photos at all!


The entire price of a wedding in Sydney and surrounding region comes in higher than average, and therefore the photographer is not any exception to this rule. A photographer in nsw can cost you a bit more, coming in at around $3,900. this is due to a rise in luxury weddings in nsw, as well as the demand for skilled wedding photographers in the state.

Couples in Melbourne are going to be spending just under the average price on their photographer, coming in at $3,100. this is often} good news for couples in the state as most weddings in Victoria can be quite pricey – particularly as couples prefer to pay extra money on other services, like catering.

Queensland has solely seen a small rise in prices for a photographer, coming in at a median of $2,700. Compared to nsw and Victoria, prices for a wedding photographer in this state are available in well below the average for the country.

South Australia
For a wedding photographer located in South Australia, couples will expect to pay a median of $2,750. Likes queensland, this comes in below the national average and is in line with South Australian weddings coming in at slightly less than weddings on the east coast.

Western Australia
Weddings on the west coast also come in at a cheaper price than those on the east, and photographers are no exception to the rule. If you’re looking for a wedding photographer in western australia, you ought to be paying a median of $2,900.

Australian Capital Territory
While most states have increased solely slightly, it’s only ACT that has seen the biggest increase in the cost of wedding photographers, even topping the national average. Couples wanting to capture their very own Cinderella moment on the steps of Australia’s parliament will expect to pay around $3,300.

Tasmania has some spectacular scenery for your wedding photos, and couples living within the state are happy to know that the price for a photographer has actually dropped from last year! Expect to pay around $1,850, however pricing can vary when it involves the skillset of your select photographer.

Northern Territory
The overall cost of a wedding within the northern territory also comes in below the national average, with photographers coming in just below the national photography cost. whereas there are fewer weddings up north, couples will still find a good wedding photographer in the area. you should expect to pay around $2,900.


Photographing wedding couple


What do you have to seek for once booking a photographer?

One massive demand heaps of couples realize on the day is that they need their photographer to help keep them calm. in the hustle and bustle of a marriage ceremony, having somebody taking pictures of you can be further stressful. working with a photographer which will help you keep calm on the day will ensure that you get the relaxed and loving images that you’ve always pictured.

However, the most important part of booking a photographer is making sure they capture the right moments. 42% of all couples say that picking the right moments is the most vital talent to seem for in a photographer, followed by their vogue at 25%, taking good photos at 21%, and friendliness at 12%.

We’ve found that once it involves photographers, couples are wanting someone who will offer direction for them so they can achieve the most effective pictures, rather than simply taking random photos as they go. This includes directions for the best ‘candid’ photography similarly. this can be a big difference in the skill set of a photographer who has done heaps of weddings before compared to an amateur.

Especially as over the last few years, most couples prefer to capture candid wedding photos, with 63% of all couples searching for candid and natural pictures for their weddings. Another 33% seek for a mix of candid pictures and a few posed images that they don’t want to miss.


Couples feel suppliers in the photography business have excelled at engaging, supporting pre-wedding and including practice shoots. They also like it once there are no hidden prices or fees and everything is clear from the initial enquiry, similarly as when they treat wedding parties as equals, no matter what numbers they are working with.

There are also many different uses for technology that you will incorporate into your wedding day, with drone photos becoming a lot of and more popular for that unique element.

With wedding photographers being one of the highest booked suppliers, it’s also relieving to see that they’re one among the highest-rated. Overall, wedding photographers pull in an exceedingly large 5 out of 5 stars when it comes to the service they provide for your big day.

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