[overseas] A Gothic Themed Masquerade Wedding Party – the Glimpses You Just Can’t-Miss

“Are you planning to get hitched and looking for a unique theme for the wedding? Plan a gothic wedding. Read the blog to get inspired.”


When it comes to a gothic theme that might just involve devil, vampire or ghosts, what colors do come in your mind first? Black for the mystery and red for blood, power, and passion, don’t you think? Well, when this Houston based family planned this wedding they surely did a lot of research. Pulling off the whole décor plan along with the tiny details is certainly pretty tricky.


When you are looking for the most affordable wedding venues in Houston and offering them the idea of customizing the venue exactly the way you have thought of, it is necessary that you express exactly what you are looking for. Also, make sure that you are renting a hall that offers amazing customized themed décor and facilities so that the wedding can be as dreamy as you have imagined. So, how can you pull off a gothic themed wedding with masquerades? Read the following points to find out.



Set the Mood

When you are designing the interior of the hall for the wedding, the stage needs to be set first. No, I am not talking about the literal stage here. When the guests are coming to the venue, to attend your wedding, the first thing that you can do is grab their attention with a centerpiece. In the photograph, you can see how beautifully the table and the space around it are decorated. Looking completely like a throne, the bride and groom will look like celestial beings on earth. Create a similar place like this and get ready to click some really glamorous pictures. The wall behind the table with masks will also add to the theme perfectly while the guests will be donning their own mysterious masks.



Gothic Table Decoration

The tables at the venue should be decorated in the same way too. When you are planning to create an atmosphere that will exude the gothic charm in the whole place, the table should look like that too, Just as you can see in the picture. The golden table linen will give a completely different accent to the décor while the golden centerpiece with roses on it will make it look stunning. The plates adorning the table can be black ceramic while a blood-red rose placed on it will make it look ethereal. If you can choose the lights for the hall, then go for a golden glow. If you want to add more touch of mystery, then choose candles that will envelope the whole venue in a warm blanket of flame. Generally, even the cheap wedding venues in Houston offer custom cake facility. Share the ideas with them and you will be amazed to see how grand the wedding turns out to be.


Masked Ball

Share the perfect playlist with the DJ of the venue so that you can organize a masked ball too at the wedding. The subtle touch of mystery and romance will surely keep everyone grooving and enjoying the dance as you and your beloved get lost in each other’s eyes.


Adding Finishing Touch

When you are looking for the best way to add a finishing touch to the gothic décor, the cake can be the right thing to focus on. Most of the wedding venues in Houston offer customized cake to add to the sweetness of the event. The black cake decorated with the red cupcakes can be the best and the most eye-catching attraction of your wedding. So, when you are planning to go for the gothic theme, you can consult with the cake artists of the venue too.

So, now as you know how you can plan a gothic wedding at any venue in Houston, what are you waiting for? Get inspired by these ideas and plan the most cherished event of your life.

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