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Five rustic wedding shoot styling ideas you’ll love!

 we are fans of rustic-themed wedding photo shoots.

Not only because they are trendy and enchanting, but also because they are timeless, We'll share with you in this post our favourite rustic styling ideas that will be required to complete your pre-wedding photo shoots in rustic style. Here's Five rustic picture wedding shoot styling ideas you'll love!


1.Mason Jar Lanterns

When you opt for a photoshoot of an outdoor garden, then getting mason jar lanterns hanging from the trees or across the garden will add a gentle, romantic glow to your photos. When you take your pictures at sunset, these lanterns of mason jar will make your pictures even more magical and fairytale-like!

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2. Wood Signs

Wooden signs are the most common of the shoots with rustic themes. Not only are wooden signs inexpensive, you can easily personalise them with your names, or with any meaningful quotes of love you both love! If you know any simple calligraphy, then the chic aspect of your signs will be enhanced for sure.

3. Wildflower Bouquet

Flowers add a touch of spice to prewedding shoots! We recommend bringing a wildflower bouquet of natural thistles, and violet-blue veronicas to your photoshoot if you are in the rustic style (as shown in the image below). These flowers have a freshly picked, organic feel that will add beauty to your pictures.


4. Burlap banners 

The burlap banners will be perfect photoshoot decor to add extra oomph to your pictures! Burlap banners are whimsical and trendy, and will compliment your pre-wedding shoot with rustic theme.



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5. Rustic Wedding Ring Boxes

Over the years rustic wedding ring boxes have been so famous and we know why! Such boxes are a modern alternative to the conventional boxes / ring pillows for wedding. You can recreate this cute ring box with some twine and wooden case, and get your photographer to take a nice ring shot to show off your bling!


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