a model posed in wedding dress

Wedding Photography Poses Will Not Give You The Pictures You Want

A lot of people will get online and start looking for wedding photography poses the instant someone asks them to take pictures of their marriage. Most people, whether they are a photographer or not, realize the burden of taking on such a task even though those who do the asking don’t. You will be responsible for documenting one of the top ten most important moments in any person’s life. The pictures you take will be shown over and over to loved ones and close friends. They will be looked through by wives, husbands and children with the hope of bringing up good memories and leaving love in the heart. You can understand that this may cause a bit of stress for whoever is taking the shots and that wedding photography prices from professionals are not cheap. This stress will make you want to go online and search for poses, but what you really need to keep in mind is that a great wedding picture is not made up of poses; it’s made up of moments.

Wedding Photography Poses – Why Not to Care About Them

  • Wedding dresses are often so big and thick that most of the body is hidden anyway.
  • To make use of any kind of pose you would have to direct the subject in what to do, how to feel and what type of emotion to convey, which would be quite impossible in a situation such as this.
  • Posing is for people experienced in modelling. They need to be used to taking direction and giving the photographer what he wants. This does not describe most people. Modelling may look easy, but it’s not.
  • You’ll get a lot of people mad at you if you start trying to tell them how to stand or where to lean. Doing this would make a day of what should be enjoyment turn into a day of aggravation and anger.

a model posed in wedding dress
Credit:  Shae Estella Photography

The Alternative to Wedding Photography Poses

So, if you can’t use posing, how are you to get good pictures? There is one very good tip to take advantage of and something to keep in mind while taking the pictures – here they are:
1-Sit down with the bride and groom and make out a wedding photo list. This is basically a checklist of the types of shots they want and who to include in them.
2-Capture the moments between people that show examples of love. This is a big day for people; there will be several examples of it. All you have to do is keep your eyes open and remember that moments (not staged shots) will be the images that are most cherished.

A Bit of Advice to the Bride and Groom

Don’t ask a family member or close friend to do something like this. I can promise you that they won’t have any fun and if, by chance, the pictures aren’t that good, it will just make them feel even worse.

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