You ‘re going to face a million questions as you plan your special day. One of the big choices for the wedding day is whether or not you choose to have a first look photo shoot. Before you walk down the aisle and say that you do, you and your partner will have a chance to see each other and have some memorable photos taken. For some, it breaks the tradition and is a definite no-go. For others, this is a lovely addition to the day. So, are you supposed to have a first look photo shoot? We ‘re breaking down the pros and cons of both options!

PRO:1 .There is no denying that the first time you see your partner on your wedding day is an emotional one. Whether you’re grinning from ear to ear or shedding a few tears, it’s going to be an incredibly special moment. Choosing a first-looking photo shoot gives you a chance to experience it without all the eyes of your guests and lets you cherish it privately. It also gives your photographer a chance to capture all emotions in a more intimate setting with no distractions.

2. Of course , having a first look photo shoot means even more photos of the day! When it comes to your wedding, you can never have too many snaps, and this is going to be another wonderful memory that you can add to your collection.

3.For some couples, a first look shoot is the perfect opportunity to get the wedding party involved. After all, your bride tribe is the one you’ve chosen to be a special part of your day, so it’s another great opportunity to share with them. You can get a little creative, too, and come up with some fun shot ideas.

4. You want your wedding photos to be as perfect as possible, of course. Getting this chance allows you to still spend some quality time with your sydney wedding photographer. This will help them to figure out the best procedures for the rest of the day and encourage you to share your thoughts with them before the ceremony and reception.

5. If you’re getting married in front of 20 or 200 people, your wedding day will make you feel extremely anxious. This first look helps you and your partner to spend some time together and take away some of the initial tension of the day. It’ll also give you a chance to get confident in front of the camera.

CON: 1.As you walk down the aisle and lock your eyes, you ‘re going to feel an incredible rush of emotion. For many couples, this is one of the most powerful moments of the day, and it’s a memory that you’re going to look back on for years to come. Keeping that moment traditional is something you’re going to share with your partner, as well as your family and friends.

2. The photo shoot will take more time , which means more time away from the lovely celebrations that take place before the wedding with your wedding party. This also ensures that you may have another thing to add to your day that will require additional preparation and could even add to some extra stress.

3. While this means more time with your wedding party, it also means more time away from your guests. They’ve all come to party with you, after all. This also means coordinating your wedding party before the ceremony, which will take more time.

4.It’s fair to say that photographers are not inexpensive in a wedding. Adding this extra shot means the extra time you need to book your photographer for. The budget really factors in here!

5.Having an extra activity before the ceremony can add in a little bit of extra stress for some couples. What if we run late? Will my make up get ruined? These are all questions to consider when making this decision.

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