How to get stunning photos of a wedding under covid-19 social distance rule

Australia ‘s new plan to move out of coronavirus measures means that marriages can progressively move forward, with different restrictions on guests and different stages per state. But maintain 1.5 metres away from each other still apply.

While this won’t come into play between you and your partner, what does that mean to your suppliers? Wedding photographers are one salesperson who still has couples at their weddings. But how can you get stunning pictures of your wedding when you need to distance your photographer socially?

We spoke to some of the wedding photographer in Sydney about how you should work with your photographer to ensure high-quality images and protection go hand in hand.

Is photographer still allowed under current regulation?

So many changes have been made to what you can and can’t do for your wedding, that it’s no wonder we’ve heard a few couples ask this. And the answer to that is YES!

Under the new 3-step plan put in by the Federal Government, a wedding photographer will be able to work and service your wedding. But bear in mind that within your total guest limit, they’ll count as one of your guests.

That means your photographer will count as one of only 10 or 20 guests for couples who get married in step 1 and step 2. But we believe it’s absolutely worth it. Having a professional photographer on your wedding day, no matter how big or small, will help you capture memories for those who may not be in a position to make it.

You can still have your photographer if you’re eloping and just get married to your celebrant and two witnesses. They might double as a witness!

Can a photographer come to your house for Wedding prep photos?

Like weddings, restrictions are placed on how many visitors can be in a house at one time. For step 1, this means only five house visitors, in addition to those who already live there. And yes, that can have your photographer included.

How to ensure the safety/health of my photographer and my guests?

Under the new 3-step plan, all weddings will need to collect the attendant contact details and average a density of four square metres per person. This includes counting your photographer in your guest numbers and ensuring that you and everyone else have the details of your photographer on hand.

But if you’re worried about getting close to someone else who might not be part of your intimate wedding guests, there are still ways you can distance your photographer socially or ask your wedding photographer to wear mask during pre-ceremony prep photoshoot.

Where are the best locations for the pictures?

The best locations are anywhere outdoors at the moment, A good photographer and their couple will draw up a plan to decide what we want to achieve together. That way, we have a plan in place to decide what we are doing for the best location on the day. Under the new constraints, outdoor locations will also generally allow you to gather more people. This means that if you want to create memories with your guests who have been able to attend, you’ll be able to get more people involved in your photos.

How can my photographer create a memorable environment when we have fewer guests?

We understand that many couples have completely changed their wedding plans and may not be able to have all the people they had originally hoped for at their wedding. But just because you have a smaller wedding, that doesn’t mean it’s going to be empty. A good photographer can capture all of your wedding memories in the most intimate ways.

What are we supposed to do with wedding photographer when the wedding has been postponed?

The best thing you can do for your photographer at the moment is to not cancel your booking, Your photographer should be more than happy to move to another date if they’re available, as small business many photographers rely on the deposits to keep the businesses going.

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