How to Incorporate Your Favorite Photograph into Wedding Photo Thank You Cards

A wedding is a fabulous opportunity to receive gifts and to get reacquainted with long-lost friends and relatives. Once you have received the gifts, it becomes your primary responsibility to show your appreciation in the form of wedding photo thanks you cards. The greatest advantage of these cards is that you can have them personalized with photos of your new family.

The wordings of your photo wedding thank you cards can range from handwritten texts to preprinted ones. You can even order blank templates and have them filled with your favourite quote, lines or even poem. Many couples prefer to order 3 sets of photos so that they can send similar photo thank you cards to the guests.

You can choose from a number of designs, themes, colour patterns etc for your thank-you cards. If you prefer to send something memorable, then you can go in for a wedding photo thank you magnets. These magnets can be customized with colourful graphics or collage images of you and your spouse in different romantic locations.

In order to make the guests acquainted with your new family, you can include photos of your husband’s family. Add a brief introduction such as the name of the family members and their relationship with you. By sending such photo wedding thank you cards, the guests would really be touched and at the same time familiarize themselves with your extended family.

Now, why the grooms should be left out? They too can add photos of their wife’s families and friends and send these wedding photos and thank you cards to their friends or far-off relatives. Do not forget to mention the gifts received by each guest along with how you intend to use them in your daily lives. Keep the wording simple and sweet.

Wedding photo thank you magnets make great mementos and keepsakes for the guests. You can even give them away as wedding favours with little notes attached to them. This will not only save you on money but they can be used for longer periods of time. In fact, they can be placed on top of refrigerators where they can be seen at all times, unlike cards.
a wedding thank you card

When it comes to personalized thank you cards with photos, you might even be interested in including photos of your honeymoon photos showing the magnificent scenery as the background. You can further personalize the cards with simple or personal messages. Moreover, you can even decorate the cards with different accessories such as colourful ribbons or beads to make them even more appealing to the guests.

Regardless of how you design or order your wedding photo thank you cards, choosing a favourite photograph adds a more emotional touch to the cards. In addition to this, you can even go in for simple photographs of your favourite part of the wedding and set this as a common theme for addressing all the guests. Bear in mind to send the cards 2-3 weeks after you receive all the gifts.

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