Choosing the Right Wedding Photographer for You in Australia – What to Ask…

Choosing the proper Wedding photographer for You – What to Ask…

I’m hooked in to offering the best possible service to my clients and although this blog featured earlier in the year, i feel it’s important to give you the simplest advice and help before selecting your wedding photographer. so I’ve decided to point out this blog again, along with a very useful “must-have” list for you to download.

So how does one select the right wedding photographer? after all there are a lot of us around, and that we appear to supply similar, yet not identical, things. And prices? prices are hugely variable. so what should you ask to find the right wedding photographer for you?

Are they a Professional Photographer?

It sounds like a weird question to ask but because there are a lot of us around, and you’re hard-earned money will be paying for their services, you want to be assured they are a professional wedding photographer and not someone who does this as a hobby?  Do some research – are they listed on any photographic associations or bodies?  Two of the best ones to check are  AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photographers) and WPPI (Wedding & Portrait Photographers International).  If they are registered with either of these bodies, they will carry the necessary insurances and be classed as a professional photographer.


Have they actually covered a full wedding day before?

You would hope they had but to make sure, ask the question.  If they have, they should have sample albums or a portfolio to show you of a WHOLE wedding, not just snippets from several different weddings.  Also ask if the images you are being shown were actually taken at a wedding.  Again, seems an unusual question to ask, but even photographers needs to have training / workshops and education to move forward and become better photographers and it may be that some of the images you are seeing were taken on educational training days or workshops which, although they’ll be great images, were not taken under the same conditions and timescales as the real deal.


Wedding Photography price

OK, you may have a budget, however be prepared to break your budget on your photography. It’s the only thing you will have in ten years time. Not the meal or hotel, but the photographs – consider where this sits in your budget.

Then add in what you want from your photographer, for example:-

– a wedding album
– further Prints
– A Wall Art Product or Canvas Prints
– A USB of the digital images


Wedding Photography timing

When does one need the photographer to start out and finish? It wont to be your photographer turned up simply before the service, took some footage before you went in, then another set of group shots outside the church afterwards.

Well it’s not like that currently, my typical wedding coverage can begin with the bride preparing in the morning all the way through to the dancing in the evening, so work out that components you wish covered. keep in mind although, you really want to tell the Story of the DAY – the full day, not just the service in the middle:

– Bride preparing
– Groom preparing
– Guests incoming at service
– The service itself
– Guests once the service
– Speeches
– Cake Cutting
– initial Dance
– Evening Fun and recreation
– Wedding couple portraits
– Family portraits

Wedding Photography Style

As I have discussed in the previous article "Wedding Photography Styles Explained " No doubt the style now is much more towards the “reportage” or “natural” photography of your wedding day. My aim is to make sure we get happy, smiling (or emotional) people being natural throughout the day.

But, your family will never forgive you if you do not have the formal group shots – and indeed you will want them in the years to come.

Also, I strongly favour the couple portraits, to feature the two of you beaming, grinning and full of love on that special day.

Also, the bridal dress needs some special work to really make it.

So, there has to be an element of formal posing.

You can add into this mix some “Fashion” style posing, or “Art” posing – this may be posed to look casual or look very stylized – but the aim is to create a very “WOW” image, above and beyond your average capture the moment type image.

I hope these few things may help you in choosing the right wedding photographer for you.  If you would like anymore help or advice, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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