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How to choose the right wedding vendors

8 Tips on how to choose the right wedding vendors in Sydney

  1. Details

Before you get started hunting for the perfect vendor, consider a few fundamental details. Make sure you are very clear about your budget, the timeline for when you want your wedding to take place, and the wedding’s intended location. Once all of these things are set, you can begin seeking businesses that meet your requirement.

  1. Explore the Choices

Start by exploring the plentiful and diverse local vendors located in the Sydney Metropolitan Area. Go online to research different possibilities. You may also want to ask friends and relatives which ones worked well for them. Another strategy is to attend a bridal show or a Wedding Expos. These such events are designed to help inform you to make this choice responsibly.

  1. Select a Few Vendors

After you have reviewed several viable options, decide which ones will be the best fit. Narrow down your search choices to two or three.  That way, if your top choice is not available on your wedding date, you won’t need to begin your search again.

  1. Contact these Vendors 

Gather the contact information for the businesses that are the top choices. Call or email them and start by introducing your requirements. You might want to rule out those who don’t return your calls or emails within 48 hours. If they aren’t responsive initially, they may not be a good choice.

  1. Ask a lot of Questions

Once you have set up a few consultations with these vendors, construct a list of enquiries to ask. First, question whether a particular business will be available on your desired wedding date. Don’t forget to ask about details such as the cost and cancellation policy. You can also request to see references and an event portfolio.

  1. Ask for Recommendations

When you find one or two vendors who seem ideal, ask them to recommend other businesses in different categories. Since they’re in the industry, they would know a greater deal of the vendor that fits your need. Just remember to double-check their reviews on google and facebook once you’ve been given a few recommendations.

  1. Back up Plans

Should you fall ill or otherwise not be available at the time of the wedding? In the case of the venue site, what’s their plan if the weather takes a bad turn or another unforeseeable circumstance occurs? What if the wedding photographer and videographer are sick, do they have back up photographers and videographer?

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