Capture your Beautiful,Authentic moments in Sydney

Hope everyone had a great long weekend holiday! Speaking of holiday, there’s trend of people coming to Sydney from oversea for their pre-wedding shooting. Taking pre-wedding photos is one of the significant item on your to-do list in life. It is the reflection of your love story which leave you to look back on in […]

Photography at a destination wedding

Location and climate How much the destination will affect the way you approach the photography will of course depend on how different it is from where you normally shoot. But let’s take the most common situation which is a photographer from a temperate climate (Northern or Central Europe, North-East or North-West USA or Canada) travelling […]

Wedding transportation 101

When it comes to your wedding, most of you will only concern on the decorations of ceremony, the outfits, the venues but totally forgot about the transpotation to the places. Early Decisions Choosing your transportation begins with an assessment of who you have to take with you, and the size of your bridal party plays […]

Photo ideas

Photo ideas You may feel a bit stuck for ideas if you are on an open beach without the usual props of trees, doorways, walls etc., but there is lots you can do with just the light, shooting from different angles, creating side-lit or silhouetted images, and using fill-flash to balance the sunset can look […]

Use the dessert table as a way to incorporate your wedding elements!

As you’re planning the wedding reception menu, know that it’s not just about wedding cake anymore. In fact, the latest trend is to cap off your nuptial meal with totally scrumptious confections that are all about who you are as a couple, while giving your guests a sweet reward.

How to plan a church wedding (Part 2)

If you want to have your wedding in a church, then church wedding decorations will be one of the main consideration in your overall wedding decorations. Since you cannot easily remodel the building, you may need to find a way to blend your intended decorations with existing decor of the church. Before you choose wedding […]

How to plan a church wedding in Sydney (Part 1)

If you wish to have a church wedding, there’s a few things that you will need to know before start planning. Booking for a church wedding is different from booking a venue. There’s some paperwork and courses required you to complete before the churches consider to conduct a wedding. A FEW POINTS TO KEEP IN […]

To My Love

My Love, Today, I’m going to stand in front of our family & friends and promise to spend the rest of my life with you. I believe we will be so happy together. See you soon. 🙂