When To Book Your Wedding Photographer

If you already have a venue and the wedding date been confirmed, your next step will be lock in your professional wedding photographers & videographers in Sydney. After trawling through websites, visiting expos and making wedding vendor lists, it’s time to start contacting, meeting and booking your selected vendors. Now the question is, when shoud you book? when is the best time? what kind of question should you ask your potential photographer and videographers? When booking the wedding photographers and videographers, the key is to be swift. If you see one you like the look of, contact them straight away. You have nothing to lose and you aren’t expected to book straight away. If anything, this just helps you work out who is actually available on your date. Oour advice, go ahead and email right now!
Get in early and book the wedding photographer you want.
Most wedding photographers are boutique businesses run by one or two people who are only capable of shooting one wedding per day, some studio would have multiple photogrpahers and capable of handling several weddings in the same day. As you know, most weddings fall on Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Due to physical limitation of available hours, sadly most of you will not end up booking the photographer you had set your heart on. The fact is that the best wedding photographers in Sydney book way in advance, in some extreme cases they may schedule up to two or even three years ahead! So it is very important to contact your wedding vendors straight away to avoid any disappointment. There also can be financial benefits to booking a wedding photographer early too. Some photographers will allow payment plans over a series of months. Some will increase their wedding package prices annually – so book your wedding photographer early, lock in that price, and avoid any disappointment! We all have those little tasks on our list that we re-schedule for tomorrow. Sometimes we let them go unfinished for too long, then suddenly it becomes a mad dash to the finish. Our advice would be to use as many obtainable wedding resources as possible. Stay relaxed, organised, and keep ahead of the curve. Booking your wedding photographer and videographer early and getting this part of the wedding planning out of the way will make you feel so much more confident and relaxed. Your mind will then be free to concentrate on finding the perfect wedding dress, flowers, shoes, or wedding stationery.
Book your wedding photographers and videographers at least 9 months before your wedding.
We have worked at short notice in the past, but our personal preference is weddings booked 12 months in advance. We have found this the perfect amount of time to allow for plenty of meetings, for plans to evolve and change naturally, budget adjustments, and plenty of time to create some beautiful engagement photography for you and your partner. It is very possible to arrange it all in 2-3 months in advance, it is doable, but you will likely be booking who is left rather than one the best wedding photographers in Sydney. Save yourself some stress, save yourself some heartache. Book your wedding photographer as soon as you find the perfect one for you!
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