Ozphotovideo Studio offers professional birthday photography services for all ages and sizes of celebrations in Sydney. Our experienced photographers are reliable, friendly, and skilled at capturing both posed and candid moments. We believe in making premium-quality photography accessible to everyone, which is why we offer affordable prices for all our services.

For first birthdays, we offer custom photoshoot options to suit every taste and budget. The session can include individual shots of the baby, parent and sibling shots, family shots, and cake shots. Let us help you capture the perfect first birthday of your child while you relax and enjoy the day.

When it comes to 21st birthdays, Ozphotovideo Studio is a go-to choice in Sydney. Our photographers will be there to memorialize every moment, from embarrassing speeches to spontaneous laughter, to ensure you have memories to cherish for a lifetime. We offer fast turnaround times, top-notch editing, and the option of a personalized USB or online download to receive your shots.

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Make the Most of Props

Give your child a prop that they can play with throughout the photograph session, for example toys, stuffed animals, or letters. A natural, relaxed and relaxed will ensure that you capture the best photos.

Sibling Love

Get the baby’s siblings together or other relatives for the day of the photoshoot. Inspire them to have conversations or act naturally. Take advantage of the opportunity to show your love for siblings.

Partied Out

The photos of your child snoozing out will be the photos that will make you smile for the rest of your life. Following a big party, your toddler will need to take a nap.

Messy Baby

Take pictures of your child as they eat a piece of their first birthday cake. Be careful not to allow them to be messy even if they cover their hands, lips and all other areas with frosting.

Floating Bubbles

This is among the most effective first photography ideas to test. The trick is blowing as many bubbles as you can over their heads. Let them sit and watch it with attention until you are able to start clicking.

Park Bench

Go to the park nearby for a photograph session. Place your child on the bench in the park while you take pictures of the gorgeous surroundings. You might also wish to have a plant or a flower in your possession for your child to gaze at. Contact us to inquire about Birthday Photography Sydney or Birthday Party Photography Sydney.

21st birthday photography ideas:

Open air photo booth for events in nyc. silver sequin backdrop.


Balloon-themed photo shoot with large number 21 balloons as a backdrop.

At the Bar

A photo session at a local bar or brewery, to celebrate the milestone of legally being able to drink.

Museium of gallery

A photoshoot at a museum or art gallery, to capture the beauty and creativity of the birthday person’s interests.


A fairy tale or Disney-themed photo shoot, to evoke a sense of childhood wonder and magic, a popular place is the grounds of Alexandria

Then and now

A “then and now” photo series, showcasing the birthday person’s growth and transformation over the years.

Costume birth Party

A costume or dress-up themed photo shoot, with the birthday person as the star of their own fashion show.


A picnic or outdoor nature photo shoot, to celebrate the beauty and freedom of youth.

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