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Wedding Live Streaming Service

In the age of digital the ability to live stream, your event is essential to allow your guests to be part of the event. Live streaming became popular after the outbreak because certain family members and friends were unable to attend weddings.

If you're one of the people who wish to promote the wedding day forward but aren't sure because most of your guests aren't able to attend. The only thing you have to do is take advantage of the advantages of using the wedding live streaming service Sydney offers.

What can you expect from Our Live Streaming Package?

Weddings that use live streaming services are now becoming popular since they are a great opportunity to share your memorable day. These are some wedding Livestream package options that we provide once you have decided to make us your official videographer for the most memorable day of your life.


Another advantage of the package is that you can choose what you would like to capture during the day of your wedding. You can select the type of coverage, including the ceremony in its entirety or recording both the reception and ceremony during live stream. The package's inclusion is completed, but it's your decision to make your choice.


The wedding Livestream you choose to stream will be exhibited on Youtube and the company will offer a streaming link about a week prior to the wedding. Utilizing the most convenient wedding Livestream platforms, like Youtube which can provide the Livestream video in high definition resolution. If your guests cannot attend your wedding celebration and celebration, they will be able to view the wedding celebration in high definition. It's like they were there.


One advantage of this package is that you can decide whether you want a single-camera setup or a multi-cam setup. Be sure that the package comes with high-tech equipment that includes an expert camera and top-quality audio equipment that is professional in quality.


Our team is taking our service to the next stage by adding a pre-wedding consultation with our wedding package. It can be conducted at your home, in your preferred venue, or through an online setup. The consultation before the wedding will explain the process of the business along with what services you should expect from the services prior to and following the wedding ceremony.


Within 24-48 hours after the wedding day, your wedding photos can be downloaded in stunning high-definition. This way you can save the footage as an everlasting memory as well as share the footage with your family and acquaintances. In the end, you'll be able to forever remember the day you and your spouse tie the knot.

Make Your Special Moments Available to Your guests online

It's possible that we're still dealing with the consequences of the pandemic, however, it doesn't mean that you have to disrupt the celebration of your most-awaited wedding. There may be a shortage of gatherings, and your beloved family members aren't able to attend your wedding. Be assured, however, we have live streaming services that can provide the wedding's perfect moment to your dear guests on the internet.

We hope this helps and helps you decide and evaluate the live-stream service we offer. There are a variety of benefits and also preserves high-quality video footage that captures your special day.  Contact us HERE.

The Most Common Wedding Live Streaming Questions

Why hiring a professional videographer to live stream your wedding is superior to DIY?

The hiring of a videographer is recommended when it comes to the process of setting up live streaming of your wedding. One reason is that they are experienced and have plenty of experience in setting things up. Another reason is that they can reduce the stress on you. Imagine the stress and pressure you'll be bringing to your loved ones or friends when you delegate this job to them.

What should I put in my invitation to my virtual wedding?

You can choose between sending a physical or virtual invitation. On the invite, you'll be able to include your name, date as well as time of the wedding, site and live streaming link and a password for watching in the event that you decide to set one up. Then, you can include the location of your wedding if guests want be able to join you at your wedding.

Do you think it is worth hiring an videographer to film the live stream of your wedding?

The short answer is yes. Your videographer will deliver an impressive as well as cinematic experience on live streaming for you family and guests. It will also eliminate the hassles with setting up your stream and testing in the area and selecting the right equipment to utilize. Your videography team can handle everything for you.

Is it advisable to stream live the reception and ceremony to this feed?

It is recommended to record your footage in that same stream. However, it depends on the platform you choose to use. When you use Facebook Live or YouTube, you'll have to create another event. This can result in family members and friends not being able to access the latest link.

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