Top 5 spots for wedding Photographs in Sydney

Top 4 spots for wedding Photographs in Sydney

Most of us want the best wedding photographs for our wedding day, but there are just too many locations to choose from!

You might be getting photos at your home before becoming ready, your ceremony location and your reception area. But what about these iconic pictures in between?

If you are based in Sydney, there are loads of places to receive your wedding photos done to genuinely show your love of town, and make your day stand out that little bit more. Or even a few under-rated spots with some the city without being too obvious.

We chatted with 5-star photography firm Ozphotovdieo Studio to find out the best places to go for your wedding photographs in Sydney.

Sydney Harbour Bridge / The Opera House
We’re just going to find the most obvious one out of the way straight up!

Finding some photos using the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge or Opera House in the background is a sure way to go if you are having a wedding anywhere in the CBD. The advantage is that it doesn’t matter which side of the harbour you are on, there are loads of different locations to choose from.

If you’re on the other hand, you could head to Bradleys Head to find some lovely pictures in character. Plus you can actually host your wedding at both if you’re trying to find the view for your whole day.

If you’re on the south side then you could always head to the Opera House itself for the perfect shot! The opera house stairs always result in a stunning backdrop. There is also The Rocks for the iconic background with some unique shots of scenery around the region. And Circular Quay to work the harbour in a bit more.

martinplace wedding


Martin Place
If you’re more of a shopping or city fan then Martin Place can make for some stunning photos at any time of year.

The older buildings in the precinct include a little charm and elegance to your wedding while you can play around with lighting at different times of the day or at different seasons. You also don’t need to be worried about traffic getting in the way when posing for pics in the walking mall.

Based on the weather, you might want to head inside for some stunning photos, which is ok too! The Queen Victoria Building delivers magnificent architecture and lighting options for your wedding photographs.


martin place wedding

Depending upon the elements, you may like to head indoors for some stunning photos, which is ok too! Even the Queen Victoria Building delivers magnificent architecture and lighting choices for the wedding photos.

The vast domes inside the heritage-listed QVB can’t be defeated on the big day and so are situated in the centre of the metropolis meaning you will not want to travel much to find the perfect pic. You could also provide your marriage at The Tea Rooms, cutting your travel back even farther!

The Royal National Park
If you’re searching for some thing a bit different but still within the field of the city, the Royal National Park will offer some magnificent photos for the big day.

There’s plenty of locations inside the gardens and on the Hacking River to give you those stunning graphics you want to remember for many time. This really may be the perfect site for both autumn and spring weddings to use the organic fluctuations in shade.


The Blue Mountains
If you’re expecting to have a little more time on your day, or are having photos done a bit earlier during the day, then you may have the time to venture a bit further out of Sydney into the Blue Mountains to your perfect shots.

With the rugged landscape, gorgeous backdrop and advantage of height, these will truly be wedding photos to remember.

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