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Cassandra & Nathan

CEREMONY: Curzon Hall Marsfield

RECEPTION: Curzon Hall Marsfield


Weddings always bring any people off to an indulgent setting. It was Cassandra and Nathan's happy day, really, the day was absolutely pefect and it seems that the circulate are laughing concerning them to celebrate subsequently the couple.

Our team started the hours of noon taking photos at Nathan's residence while he was getting all prepped taking place for the wedding looking suave and dashing. After taking some shots, we went straight to Cassandra house just in time for her hair and makeup to be finished.  We filmed her getting into her wedding dress which fits her perfectly. I further took some portraits of her and her bride mates. Then we headed to the Curzon hall for a wedding ceremony.

We were able to capture the bride walking down the aisle with such grace and beauty, far more than you could imagine.

After the ceremony, I was able to take great photos of the newlyweds as well as with the groomsmen and bridesmaids around Sydney,  My camera just couldn’t help but capture how amazingly good they look together.

For the reception, we went to straight to function room in  Curzon Hall,  where guests are welcomed with gorgeous lighting and amazing entrance. It was such an amazing venue which kicks off the romantic mood for the evening. As the day comes to an end, I captured each and every moment of the bride and groom looking so blissfully happy. It was a night of good food, great party and surrounded by amazing people. This was surely a day that Nathan and Cassandra will never forget – the start of a new chapter in their lives as one filled with genuine love and happiness.


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