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The average price of documenting your wedding 2020

Are you planning your wedding right now, and not sure how much you should spend on recording your big day? Although photography remains the top option for couples, other ways of capturing your day have emerged in recent years, so you have the pick of the crop. On your wedding day, you want to catch […]

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Five rustic wedding shoot styling ideas you’ll love!

 we are fans of rustic-themed wedding photo shoots. Not only because they are trendy and enchanting, but also because they are timeless, We’ll share with you in this post our favourite 5 rustic styling ideas that will be required to complete your pre-wedding photo shoots in rustic style. Here’s Five rustic picture wedding shoot styling ideas you’ll love!   1.Mason Jar Lanterns When you opt for a photoshoot of an outdoor garden, then getting mason jar lanterns hanging from the trees or across the garden will add a gentle, romantic glow to your photos. When you take your pictures at sunset, these lanterns of mason jar will make your […]