Is there a Off-Season For Weddings in Sydney?

It's a simple matter of supply and demand: if you get married during less popular periods of the year, reception venues (and other vendors) will offer lower pricing. Find out what the "down" months are by reading on.

After you've celebrated your engagement and had some serious discussions about what wedding budget makes sense financially—which most likely includes some genuine talk with your family about how they might be able to contribute—time it's to think about when and where you'll tie the knot. Your wedding venue is an expensive item. It's usually the most expensive element, so picking where to hold your wedding and how big of a wedding you want to have will play a huge role in determining how much money you have left over to spend on everything else, from your florals and décor to your wedding dress and jewelry.

If you're looking at wedding venues, you might be thinking if choosing a different time of year could help you save money, and that's a wonderful idea! Venue prices might vary greatly by month, week, and even day of the week, providing frugal couples with significant expense savings. Our specialists are here to offer you the lowdown on when is peak wedding season in various places around Australia, as well as some pointers on when venue costs will be the most cheap.

We encourage attending showcases during various seasons during the planning phase, which might take several months to a year. Wedding displays allow you to tour a location in a more relaxed situation while also allowing you to speak openly with the employees. In most cases, wedding professionals (such as celebrants and photographers) will be there to answer any concerns about their services and the legalities of the ceremony. You can not only get guidance but also request tips at the same time. It may be easier said than done to save money on your wedding by avoiding "wedding season."

According to a recent  study, 80% of couples expecting to marry in the next year would be ready to take a "less-preferable wedding date" if it meant saving money. This involves taking a look at weekdays as well as off-season months.

It's no surprise: According to new Wedding Diary research, the typical wedding cost $36,500 in 2021, including the engagement ring and honeymoon. The cost of the ceremony and reception alone was $27,500.

Despite the fact that both statistics are $1,000 less than in 2019, they are still significant sums of money.

Nonetheless, there are indicators that couples are overpaying. Wedding Diary also discovered that couples underestimated their budget by 42%, while Study reports that 74% plan to take on debt to cover their wedding expenses.

There is little doubt that there is a peak wedding season—the busiest time of year for all wedding vendors—across the country: Most engaged couples marry between late spring and late fall, but June and September are the most popular months of all. This is due to the fact that the weather is pleasant and predictable practically everywhere you go. As a result, weddings held during these months are frequently more expensive.

So, if you're searching for the most economical time of year to be married, going beyond traditional wedding season dates is a smart place to start, but you need also consider what it's like in your chosen location.


We break down affordability by seasons

It's just a matter of supply and demand. Popular wedding months fill up quickly and are in high demand, therefore many venues will charge a premium for those most wanted dates. Peak months vary depending on region, but the most popular wedding dates tend to fall between March to May and August to October. Weddings are most popular in September and October in the spring and  April, May in the fall. If you insist on having your wedding during these months, you may wind up spending more than if you choose an other date.


Peak vs. off-peak
Peak season is usually in autumn and spring, when the weather is pleasant, the days are long, and the colours of the scenery are at their best. As a result of these factors, peak hours frequently command a higher price, with demand increasing around these times. The most popular months for weddings are March (fall) and November (spring), with Saturday being by far the most popular day, followed by Friday & Sunday.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, June and July are the least common months for a wedding.

When Does Wedding Season Begin?
In general, wedding season begins in late spring and lasts until early fall, with peak months being March and October . Most wedding venues in Sydney, have a peak (busiest) wedding season and a low or off-peak season. Winter is frequently less expensive—unless you're planning a June wedding, Of course, the location of your facility has a significant impact on when rates climb and fall.


Reasons why getting married in the off-season is a fantastic idea.

Significant Savings
If you opt to marry during the wedding off-season, you should expect to save money. While not all vendors provide off-season rates, many are prepared to be flexible with pricing during their off-season. During the winter, venues, in particular, frequently advertise special rates, perhaps giving you your dream place for a fraction of the price. However, when approaching the matter with a venue or vendor, try to be kind and considerate rather than demanding any kind of discount.

There is less competition.
If you've already started planning, you may have your heart set on a couple of your favourite suppliers. Maybe you've been stalking your favourite photographer on Instagram for years, or you've been fantasising about the venue you must have. However, as couples quickly find, those incredible vendors and venues are frequently booked months, if not years, in advance for the most popular wedding dates. Marrying during the wedding off-season increases the likelihood that top vendors will be accessible on your prefered date. With less competition, there will be more professionals on the vendor list to help you plan your dream wedding!

Calendars That Are Available
While Saturday weddings are beautiful in their own right, they frequently cause schedule issues with your guests. Consider weekend getaways, family reunions, and the many other weddings on their calendar—all of which may result in fewer loved ones in attendance than you'd intended. You're more likely to have all of your favourite folks accessible to celebrate if you hold your wedding during the wedding off-season. Simply replace the ice cream bar with a coffee stand, and you'll be ready to celebrate the holiday season with family and friends.

Significant Saving on Wedding Photography and Videography 

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