We are now in a peculiar situation that has impacted all markets, and thus the wedding industry, as well.
Although the State of Alert is still in place at this time, Many couples have, thus, had to cancel or delay their wedding day.

We see several couples who decide to get married in 2021 asking if it makes sense in this situation, To start with the wedding arrangements, just as we are.

Our answer? Yes Of course!

The current situation affects many wedding variables in sydney 2021,
But there are two that the company needs and for which you can start as quickly as possible:

Wedding Date

Not only did the couples who scheduled their wedding during the State of emergency have to postpone it to this day,
But couples are still considering Plan B in June, July and even August.
Couples are scared, considering the fact that weddings could be held again in the coming months.
If the situation does not return to normal fully, in incidents with a large number of participants, there will still be a chance of contagion,
It is not known whether they would be able to fly for the event, or even guests from another state.
Postponing the connection is usually the option considered by the majority.

What happens is that a significant majority of the couples who postpone their marriage are doing so for the same (or similar) day in 2021.

It’s important if you intend to get married next year,
You start with the procedures so that the date you would like does not run out.
To do this, decide on a few dates that you like and contact the restaurants and farms that you like to request availability and suit your needs.
It is true that this year they have a lot of work at the moment to handle the modifications,
But the faster you start, the more chances you have of finding the location and date you want.

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