How much does a Sydney Wedding Videographer and Rest of Australia Cost in 2022?

The normal wedding videographer price by state in Australia ranges from $2,142 to $3,584, with the average across Australia sitting at $2,727. Below, popular videographers discuss the specifics of why they charge what they do.

According to our 2020 Wedding Industry Report, the ordinary wedding videographer prices $2,727 in Australia. EasyWedding surveyed over 5600 Australian couples getting married this year, and the outcomes for videography signified that while the average price is about the same as last year (only up 1 percent ), we noticed a 6% increase in couples booking a professional videographer to capture their day. Only 7% of couples decide to have a non-professional option for their wedding video.

We spoke to  Ozphotovideo Studio, and wedding photographer sydney about what their prices include, what to expect from your wedding videographer, and what is most popular with their couples.

The wedding videographers cost on average $2727 in Australia
If it comes down to trying to understand the cost and pricing of a wedding videographer, it helps to chat with a few about what goes into their service. We talked to popular wedding videography company Ozphotovideo Studio about what they include, and studio director Will cited that all of the movie packages come with two videographers, which is how they produce”a gorgeous trailer that our couple will treasure for the rest of their lives”. Their packages start at $1299 for six hours.


But what can you expect to receive?
Will of Ozphotovideo studio said that their”couples will be given a fully edited live footage that is the 2-3 hours long, including complete vows and full speech”. For Wedding Photographer Sydney, the most popular package is their full day photo and video option, which include the services of two photographers and one videographer for up to 12 hours, and is set much higher at $6,599, but of course covers your photography also, which on its own, sets couples back on average, $3,211. This bundle notably includes a professionally designed photo album as well.

What a marriage videographers providers are worth

Couples are actually valuing videographers that are able to produce a video that is blunt and natural, that could offer a fast turnaround on sneak peeks and highlight reels, as well as the ability to build a package which suits the wedding budget. With that said, it’s the enthusiasm for it all that truly has the ability to make someone incredible at what they do. Matt, of Wedding Photographer Sydney, recently received an award for his work and said this of his craft:”I get to create art with people in love, so it’s bound to get a smile. I love the freedom of creativity that being a photographer and videographer allows, and the fact that none weddings are the same makes exploring that very exciting and accessible.”

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