What to know if you schedule a wedding in the midst of the outbreak of Coronavirus?

When planning your big day, there's a lot to think about — no matter where your wedding date falls on your calendar. So if it happens that you're in the middle of coronavirus hysteria, you may wonder what you should do — if anything — to prepare and plan for the possibility that may affect your wedding.

Right now, whether you're planning a wedding at home or abroad, there are numerous moving parts around COVID-19 —and as this is a complex situation, it really depends on your wedding date for your wedding.

That said, as of March 18, 2020, there is one thing that we know for certain:  all the state government has formally suggested that large non-essential gatherings to be postponed until further notice, although this news is, sadly, a way of modifying wedding plans over the next few weeks—"The fact is that coronavirus has devastated the wedding industry, "says a  Sydney Wedding Planer Gregoli.

We consulted with experts around the industry, including celebrant, wedding photographers and wedding planners, to help you prepare for what you should do — and help you if you do, unfortunately, have to change plans — to give you a closer look at how COVID-19 affects wedding planning right now, and how to prepare for the coming months.

Overall recommendations to them? Be prepared, track the news closely, and engage with your vendors and visitors in an open discussion. "And if you can, book a planner so they can help you navigate this difficult time in the industry and provide solutions." -- Wedding Planer George  "Whenever a problem occurs, there is always a solution to the problem." -- Wedding Photographer Sydney

Whenever there is a problem, there is always a solution to the problem.

It is important to try to stay calm —and carry on, no matter what the situation may be. "Consider this a reminder to take care of your body — stress won't help," says Alison Laesser-Keck of Alison Bryan Destinations. It's certainly a stressful time for all except your family, friends, and wedding vendors to help you manage everything — and ideally rejoice when it's safe for you to rejoice!


If Your Wedding Is Planned in Australia in the Next Eight Weeks

As reported, all the state government has officially recommended cancelling large none essential gatherings in the Australia for eight weeks as of March 15, 2020. Though disappointing, this means weddings are out in the Australia before mid-May. If you are in this situation, then we are here for you!!—Know that you have choices and your team will be there to help you through, hopefully, the process of postponing the case. "We want this to happen to you as promoters-you deserve to celebrate," says Aleah  Valley & Company Events. "Change the date just to make that happen!" See our step-by-step guide below to help you manage the process.

If Your Wedding Is Planned Internationally

Australia has, as of now, restricted travel to China, Iran, South Korea, Ireland, the United Kingdom and most (specific here) European countries. If your wedding is booked in one of these places in the next two months, you 're likely in the process of adjusting your plans as those in this boat basically have two choices: "You should consider postponing the wedding or moving the destination entirely," says Sydney Wedding Planer Gregoli.

That said, if your wedding is not in the next two months, it's important to pay close attention to the spread, according to Laesser-Keck Wedding MC. At this point, she and her partner, Bryan, are "keeping their options open" for weddings planned in the affected areas for 2020. "For our clients getting married in any areas where they've requested you limit travel to in 2020, we are working out deals with our suppliers where they can potentially postpone if they have to," says Wedding Photographer Sydney, who is currently planning several weddings in Italy. "We have been through a few 'natural disasters' at this point, and we know that if a venue can't fulfill its contract, you are OK there in that you can likely change venues, but you want to try to see if the vendors you're hiring would be open to changing the date or location (based on their availability) if a crisis situation requires it."

If Your Wedding Is Planned in Australia After Mid-May

When your wedding isn't going to take place in the next two months, it's still OK to arrange for the wedding to proceed as is. That said, as more (reliable) news becomes accessible it is important to remain informed and make educated decisions. "For now, it is a waiting game," Laesser-Keck says. "Things change every day, every week. Do nothing drastic before you get an opportunity to be fully educated.

It's best to plan smartly in a time of such uncertainty, so go ahead and have an open and honest conversation with your vendors (and guests!) and follow the below suggestions come showtime.

Speak With Your Vendors: “Sometimes it’s best to get it out of your system and think of the worst scenarios so you can prepare and come up with a game plan,” says Photobooth Supplier Daniela , officiant and owner of Once Upon a Vow in Sydney NSW. “Ask vendors about solutions should you need to postpone your event if you and/or your partner get diagnosed with COVID-19.” If you’ve already signed contracts with wedding vendors (we hope you did!), it’s smart to go ahead and have a sit-down discussion with your wedding vendors, such as your photographer. “Sit down and revisit their contract to what might happen if they need to cancel or postpone their wedding,” advises Michael T Davis, a wedding photographer in Hornsby. "You should have a transparent and honest conversation about your anxieties with all of the vendors on the topic of sanitization and what vendors are doing to keep themselves and their wedding party/guests safe."

Inform Your Guests: To avoid having to continually field questions from family members and wedding guests, Marlie R. Vodofsky, owner of Marlie Renee Designs, in VIC, recommends proactively adding a blurb to your wedding page identifying the coronavirus, and letting guests know that you're going to keep it in the loop if any plans change."You can also go as far as adding a link to the VIC health website in your wedding website's ' Travel and lodging ' section, so guests can easily access up-to-date, relevant details as well," she adds.

Follow Your Local Government Guidelines: Once you have your date and location set, pay attention to what the experts  say and heed their advice, suggests Trip Wheeler, president of SB Value, "Pay careful attention to what locations are authorised to do and how they can ensure that their guests are protected," he says. "Yes, it's your wedding, the most important day of your life, but the last thing you want is to make a lot of people sick at your celebration."

Practice Extra Hygiene: "For now, we are following the government guidelines on basic human hygiene, which means washing our hands and/or using a hand sanitizer whenever we shake hands, touching elevator buttons, opening a door, jumping on the train, etc., and avoiding touching our faces particularly when we're in public places,"Daniela says.

Get a Livestream: Davis recommends you opt for live streaming of your wedding for the elderly guests or those who chose not to fly. “With today's technology, it's quite easy to set something up on social media accounts by going live,” he says.

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