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Some insight into Wedding Cakes

Some insight into Wedding Cakes – by Sydney Wedding Photography Studio

It’s the moment we all high regard to snap. The moment that defines the wedding ceremony. A moment that brings together and celebrates our two favourite things. The cutting of the cake is a long-established tradition that is seen across a number of cultures. It seems that no situation where we live or what God we pray to, we all adoration cake and sharing it gone those closest to us. Like all wedding traditions from the buck’s night to the honeymoon, the cutting of the cake is a tradition with ancient and fascinating roots. If you’re one of the majority of brides or grooms to be who are thinking of incorporating this tradition into their wedding ceremony, you’ll want to make sure that you get it right. 

Follow our guide and you’ll find that your cake cutting snaps are flawless and that your wedding album is the envy of your friends and family.

Decorating the cake

Besides the bride and groom, the cake is probably the most captured agenda. You can expect it to feature prominently in your album as competently as the Instagram feeds of everyone you know. As such, you’ll throb to make it distinct.

There are many every option forms of cake decor which are suitable because you can create your cake as gorgeous and unique as your partner. You can opt for a humorous or contemporary cake topper or just not use one at all. You can use a ready-made topper or construct your own out of icing. The cake can be decorated with simple ribbons or an ornate cascade of sugar art roses. You could even add some traditional cake charms. There are no right or wrong answers.

Ways to Cut the cake

It may seem like a simple and intuitive action’. But cutting the cake can be surprisingly complicated, depending on what your cake’s made of. Even if you’re no stranger to food preparation, double check with your baker or caterer to see if there’s anything you should know before making the first cut. Wedding day nerves can lead a bride or groom to make the cut in the wrong place and unwittingly send their tower toppling and tumbling to the ground.

For a nice, clean and photo-conscious cut consider the following;

Cut from the bottom tier. It’s the most stable
Use a sharp knife, not the server, for a quicker and cleaner cut.
Cut a modest slice (two bites’ worth) or you’ll be decorating your new spouse in crumbs.
Slide the slice onto the server, and quickly place it on a plate.
Cut the slice into two small pieces ready for the ceremonial feeding.

To smash or not to smash

Once the first piece has been cut, it’s traditional for newlyweds to feed each other the first slice. This symbolises their commitment to providing for each other.

Some couples choose to use this moment to playfully smash the cake into one another’s faces. But unless you want this to be a really short marriage, talk to your beloved about this beforehand. Not all brides are happy to have their perfectly sculpted hair and makeup daubed in buttercream!

Getting the shots just right

Now comes the shot that all Sydney wedding photographer wants to get right. The cake cutting is one of the highlights of many a photo album, but it needs to look as natural and organic as possible. Talk to your photographer about their shot list for the occasion. Do they want to take staged shots or more candid ‘in the moment’ shots? Do they want a close up of the knife and the hands (newly adorned with wedding rings) or just one big picture? A little communication can go a long way when it comes to making this shot perfect.

Share the cake with your guests

Once the cake is sliced, it’s on zenith of to the catering team to clip and distribute your wedding cake in the midst of your guests. Some couples pick to deaden the peak tier to enjoy either for their first baby’s christening or their first anniversary. Let your caterers know if you try to get your hands on this. Some couples as well as subsequent to have enough maintenance boxed slices of the wedding cake to their guests as they depart as a wedding favour. Again, Again, if you plan on doing this make sure that the catering team are aware of this.
Keep all of the above in mind and you’ll have the makings of an unlimited cake rancorous ceremony!

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