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Danielle & Mitch, Southern Highland Wedding

Reception & Ceremony :  Location Mali Brae Farm

Danille and Mitch’s wedding was a fairytale come to life. They exchanged vows at the picturesque Mali Brae Farm, nestled in the rolling hills of Southern Highland, New South Wales. The beautiful scenery provided a stunning backdrop for their special day, and it was captured beautifully by the talented team at Ozphotovideo Studio.

As a Southern Highland wedding photographer and videographer, Ozphotovideo Studio has a wealth of experience in capturing the magic of this beautiful region. They know just how to use the natural light, stunning landscapes, and unique charm of the area to create breathtaking images that will last a lifetime.

At Mali Brae Farm, Danille and Mitch’s love story was brought to life in a series of beautiful photographs and videos. The farm’s rolling hills and lush greenery provided a breathtaking background for the couple’s special day. Our skilled team at used their expertise to create images that truly captured the joy, love, and romance of the occasion.

The couple’s wedding day was a perfect blend of classic elegance and rustic charm. From the bride’s stunning gown and sparkling jewelry, to the groom’s dapper suit and twinkling eyes, every detail was carefully planned and executed to perfection. Our team was able to capture these intimate moments and transform them into stunning works of art.

As the sun set over Mali Brae Farm, the couple’s first dance as husband and wife was a beautiful moment that will never be forgotten. Our photography team captured the tenderness of this special moment and froze it in time, preserving it for generations to come.

Danille and Mitch’s wedding at Mali Brae Farm was a true celebration of love, beauty, and happiness.

The skilled team at Ozphotovideo Studio, as Southern Highland’s premier wedding photographer and videographer, was able to capture the essence of the day and preserve it for the couple to treasure forever. If you’re searching for a Southern Highland wedding photographer or videographer, look no further than Ozphotovideo Studio – they are truly the best in the business!


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